WWE SmackDown 2 September Results: Drew McIntyre Destroys The Bloodline

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Roman Reigns celebrated his two years being on the top of WWE mountain as Universal Champion in little under 24 hours before he defends his championship against Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle. What did Roman have to say about his massive feat, and would McIntyre figure out a way to make his presence known following a vigorous beatdown by The Bloodline a week ago?

In a Viking Rules match, which is effectively a No Disqualification fight/Street Fight, The New Day competed against The Viking Raiders. During his second stint in WWE, Karrion Kross made his ring debut. Adam Pearce and Ronda Rousey cross paths in the ring during Rousey’s Final Judgement segment. In their debut match as members of MMM, Hit-Row faced off against Mace and Mansoor. In addition, Butch competed against Ludwig Kaiser in a singles match prior to the Clash at the Castle match between Sheamus and Gunther.

Here are WWE SmackDown 2 September Results:

The Viking Raiders vs. The New Day

We head straight for the ring, which has been arranged to resemble a big Viking dragon boat. Around the ring, there are shields, various weaponry, and Viking banners on display. Erik and Ivar of The Viking Raiders make their entrance first, and Samantha Irvin makes the introductions. Falls count everywhere, and there are no rules in this match. The New Day, consisting of Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, come out next. They start fighting when the bell rings. The Vikings try to use their shields, but they are knocked out of their grasp as Kofi and Woods fly towards the corners, mount their opponents there with their right hands, and have the crowd count along.

WWE SmackDown 2 September Results – The Viking Raiders vs. The New Day

When their attempts to whip their opponents into one another are blocked, they place Erik and Ivar for a pop in the same corner. Fans yell for tables before booing Erik and Ivar for standing tall. Ivar is knocked to the ground by Kofi, who then kicks Erik in the face from behind. Kofi kicks Ivar in the face hard as he flies out. Kofi reaches under the ring and lifts a Unicorn Horn sledgehammer for a pop. Kofi climbs to the top with the hammer and dives off, hitting Erik in the head with it. Erik kicks out at two. Fans go berserk as Woods helps Kofi to the ground and they get a table from beneath the ring.

Now Kofi has a table as well. Erik is waiting on the dragon boat platform when Ivar runs over and decks Kofi. After shaking Kofi, Erik pushes Ivar on top of him. Woods reaches the dragon boat platform and delivers a powerful tornado DDT to Erik for a two count. The New Day jumps off the dragon boat platform as the Vikings are standing in the doorway, knocking them to the ground. Both Woods and Kofi simultaneously cover their opponents for 2 counts. Now that a fight has broken out on the entranceway, The Vikings are in an advantage. They grab Kofi and throw him headfirst into the dragon structure.

WWE SmackDown 2 September Results

WWE SmackDown 2 September Results – The Viking Raiders bombs Woods

The use of a shield is also reintroduced. On the dragon boat platform, a fight escalates between Erik and Woods. Woods attempts to powerbomb Erik through the double-stacked tables, but Erik blocks and they continue to fight. Ivar hit Woods’ back of the head with a shield shot. Ivar throws a shield at Kofi’s face as he jumps over the top, and it strikes hard, knocking Kofi out of the air. The Vikings discuss the situation before grabbing Kofi and throwing him off the platform through the piled tables with the Ragnarok powerbomb. When they fall to the ground, Ivar covers Kofi to get the winning pin.

Karrion Kross vs. Drew Gulak

As we return to the ring, the screen becomes gray and black, and Karrion Kross enters the ring with Scarlett to make his blue brand debut. As Kross comes into the picture, Scarlett marches to the ring and joins in on their theme. In the center of the ring, Kross and Scarlett are now posing as Drew Gulak looks on from his corner. When the bell rings, Kross comes up and extends his hand, but Gulak avoids him and a kick. Gulak is pushed into a corner by Kross, who holds him there as the referee counts.

WWE SmackDown 2 September Results

WWE SmackDown 2 September Results – Karrion Kross vs. Drew Gulak

Gulak makes an effort to fight back, but Kross corners him. As Gulak retreats, Kross shouts at him to bring it. Despite Gulak’s powerful blows and chops, Kross always manages to block them. With a powerful kick, Kross knocks Gulak to the ground before slamming him into the corner with his forearms. With the Doomsday Saito suplex, Kross knocks Gulak onto his head. From a nearby corner, Kross pursued Gulak. After blocking a powerful swing, Kross brings Gulak to the mat using the Kross Jacket submission after catching him from behind for the win.

Ronda Rousey And Adam Pearce

Rousey comes out with a paper and says that the paper in her hand is a statement from WWE HQ about her suspension. Rousey says that Adam Pearce, her friend, and everyone’s favorite, is the only person she can think of who she would like to come read this statement. As Pearce enters, the crowd boos. Pearce picks up the paper and begins to read the Board of Directors’ statement, which states that Rousey’s suspension was totally unjustified.

WWE SmackDown 2 September Results

WWE SmackDown 2 September Results – Ronda Rousey And Adam Pearce

It states that Rousey paid all of her fines and will remain on probation, but as of right now, her suspension is ended and she will start competing in in-ring matches again right away. Since she couldn’t hear because of all the applause, Rousey requests that Pearce read the final paragraph again. Pearce restates the claim that her suspension is over and she can start competing again in the ring. That, according to Rousey, was her favorite part. Pearce congratulates her sarcastically.

Pearce is questioned by Rousey about his condition and whether he had a difficult day. Probation, according to Pearce, is ridiculous. He says Rousey is a threat to everyone and that it was his responsibility to notify the police after she disrupted the show and attacked his security. Pearce says that he would have fired her rather than suspended her. Pearce goes on and on about his job, wishing that someone from the office would come over and give it a shot. Pearce doesn’t have a problem with the Board of Directors or their decision; rather, he has a problem with Rousey, who acts as though she is in charge of the organization and causes trouble if she doesn’t get her way.

WWE SmackDown 2 September Results

WWE SmackDown 2 September Results – Ronda Rousey holds Adam Pearce in an Armbar

Pearce says that even though she is known as the baddest woman on the planet, he refers to her as the biggest bitch he has ever met. He acknowledges that was a bit unprofessional and just stress speaking when she drops the mic. Pearce expresses regret. Rousey knocks Pearce to the ground and locks him in the arm bar. As Pearce screams, she lowers to the mat to tighten the grip. Pearce sits upright in the corner, holding his arm. Ronda stares down Pearce as fans yell “Ronda!” As Rousey’s music starts and she leaves the ring. She pauses and turns to see Pearce, who is still holding his arm.

Hit Row vs. Maximum Male Models

After the break, Maximum Male Models appear onscreen. As soon as the bell rings, Mansoor knocks Adonis to the ground and makes a pose. Adonis dropkicks Mansoor. As Mace enters, Top Dolla, who is now legal, shoots a couple of shots at him. Adonis dropkicks Mace to the ground as well. The Maximum Male Models gather at the ringside. Maxxine welcomes Los Lotharios as they enter the aisle on foot. While Adonis and Dolla are being distracted, Angel and Humberto argue with them and try to send them away. However, B-Fab sends them flying by dropping them through the ropes.

WWE SmackDown Results

WWE SmackDown 2 September Results – Hit Row vs. Maximum Male Models

Mace strikesstriks Adonis in the corner. Mansoor re-enters for some high-impact double team offense. Mansoor makes a close 2 count by covering. Adonis counters Mansoor, and Top Dolla enters once more.  Dolla effortlessly drops Mansoor after catching a right hand and bending it back. Dolla strikes Mansoor with a running knee, and then he throws Mace to the ground. Dolla hits Mansoor in the corner with a running splash. As Mansoor is being held up by Dolla, Adonis tags in and does a dropkick. Adonis secures the pin and wins.

Happy Baron Corbin vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

As we return to the ring, Happy Corbin is awaiting the person who will accept his open challenge. When the music begins, Shinsuke Nakamura emerges to loud applause. As soon as the bell rings, Corbin pushes Nakamura over in the corner before shouting at the referee when she warns him. Fans yell “Bum Ass Corbin!” ” now. Nakamura fights back by dropping Corbin for a count.

WWE SmackDown Results

WWE SmackDown 2 September Results – Happy Baron Corbin vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura delivered powerful kicks that forced Corbin into the corner before launching Good Vibrations. To turn things around, Corbin rocks Nakamura. Nakamura kicked Corbin in the face to knock him back to the ground. For a close 2 count, Corbin avoids the Kinshasa with Deep Six. At this point, Corbin is feeling a little annoyed. Fans shout, “Corbin sucks!”. Nakamura blocks the End of Days. When Corbin dips, slides out of the ring, and then rushes back in, Nakamura is there to meet him with a Kinshasa. Nakamura secures the pin to win.

Butch vs. Ludwig Kaiser

We return to the ring, where we see Butch, Sheamus, and Ridge Holland from The Brawling Brutes. Butch rocks Kaiser with a powerful forearm as he attempts a corkscrew elbow from the second rope. Butch jumps off the apron to attack Kaiser when he falls to the ground, but Kaiser delivers a hard uppercut to knock him out of the air. Gunther and Sheamus are arguing at ringside as we cut to commercial.

WWE SmackDown Results

WWE SmackDown 2 September Results – Butch vs. Ludwig Kaiser

Butch confronts Kaiser with powerful blows from behind before delivering a second swift double stomp. When Butch reaches the top, Kaiser throws him into the turnbuckle face-first. Butch is put upside-down by Kaiser’s large enziguri in the corner. Butch is upside down as Kaiser kicks him with a dropkick. Kaiser then performs a German suplex on Butch’s head to score another near two counts. Kaiser makes a brief pose while standing tall but misses the running boot.

Butch goes for enziguri. Kaiser goes for an uppercut. While Kaiser is on the mat, Butch stops a German suplex attempt and kicks him in the side of the face, knocking him unconscious. When Butch charges, Kaiser catches him and inverts suplexes him once again to the ground. Butch kicks out at two.  Butch kicks Kaiser away as they tangle on the mat. Kaiser attempts to hold Butch, but he bends the fingers back to escape and then snaps them. Butch finally nails a Bitter End then pins him to win.

Roman Reigns’ 2 Year Celebration

Sami takes the microphone and is fired up as he greets everyone and invites them to the unique celebration for Reigns. Since he dressed up and organized it, Sami wonders if it’s okay for him to host this event. Jimmy tells him to carry out his own directions. Sami replies to Jey, “I wouldn’t want someone to suggest I’m getting too comfortable,” as he turns to face Jey. Sami starts to talk about Reigns, but Jey interrupts and points out how Reigns has been outclassing his rivals for the previous two years. Sami interjects while Jey continues with his words. Sami answers Jimmy’s question about his actions. Jey orders the crowd to stand up. Sami signals for everyone to stand up.

WWE SmackDown 2 September Results

WWE SmackDown 2 September Results – Roman Reigns’ 2-Year Celebration

Jey goes on to tell fans to bring their 1’s in the sky to help greet The Tribal Chief, The Head of The Table, The God Mode, The Needle Mover himself – the Undisputed WWE Champion… Roman Reigns. Sami and The Usos shout out Reigns’ name. On the huge screen, we watch an SUV pull into the back garage parking lot. Reigns enter to cheers from the crowd. Reigns is unexpectedly knocked out, and Drew McIntyre is now in sight. Reigns was knocked out by a Claymore Kick, which caused him to crash outside the car. Drew runs into Sami in the passage and drops him with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt.

As Drew takes off his shirt, The Bloodline’s assault from the previous week is clearly visible on his skin. The Usos attack as Drew rushes the ring, but he drives them out. Drew then runs to the ropes and jumps out, knocking down The Usos and Sami at ringside. Before throwing numerous steel chairs inside, Drew rolls Sami back inside. As Drew returns inside, Sami snatches a chair and strikes him with it. Sami is then knocked back to the ground by Drew, who strikes the chair with a large Claymore. Jimmy runs after Drew and bangs into the announce table, knocking it over.

WWE SmackDown Results

WWE SmackDown 2 September Results – Drew McIntyre

Having made fun of Reigns’ use of shouting as a signal for the Spear, Drew chases Jey at ringside before charging and launching him through the barrier with the spear. Drew grabs the microphone and promises to never stop. The Bloodline has been destroyed, God Mode has been turned off, and at Cardiff, it’s just him and Reigns. Drew urges to look around him. Reigns will see the new Undisputed WWE Champion when he kicks Reigns in the head. Drew makes a pose to the sound of music. As Cole once more promotes WWE Clash at The Castle, Drew is still posing in a corner. McIntyre is posing in the corner as the final episode of SmackDown from Clash at The Castle ends.

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