Exercise: Let’s talk about the “Fielder method”.

Exercise: Let's talk about the "Fielder method".

This post contains spoilers for Practice. What is Practice? why is it Nathan Fielder Does he do this to himself? What’s the ultimate goal, beyond fielding himself with how hard he can get people to do his strange bidding? These are the questions raised in the critically acclaimed HBO series, fueling endless cycles of discourse and inspiring conspiracy theories that the entire show is fake. But in the reality camp, there are two opposing positions: Fielder is either a jerk whose swagger is irredeemable, or he’s a comedic genius whose…

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Larry David filmed the death scene of “Protecting Your Enthusiasm.”

Larry David filmed the death scene of "Protecting Your Enthusiasm."

Many know how it is Larry DavidIt is long term Curb your passion Filmed: With cleverly plotted beats spread out over the course of a season, its individual scenes are open to free improvisation by its next-level musicians. New interview with The Hollywood ReporterHowever, it shows how over-prepared the production was during the filming of Season 11. Explaining how each season Tim thinks he could be the last producer (and with some of the long hiatuses over the show’s 22 years, you can see why) Jeff Shaffer They made sure…

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The industry’s toughest critics? Who will be the creators of Mickey Down and Conrad Key?

The industry's toughest critics?  Who will be the creators of Mickey Down and Conrad Key?

They say write everything you know, but Mickey Down And Conrad K Admittedly, the first draft of their high-profile HBO financial drama, industry, It may have hit a little too close to home. The first demo we wrote was even cooler. “It was almost documentary and how real it was,” says Zoom’s Dawn. Konrad and I had been chewed up and spit out by this industry. We had our feelings about it. This show was a bit of revenge and a cathartic exercise for us.” Catharsis on Monday, when industry…

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17 NSFW Anime and Manga to Check Out “Plot”.

Kotaku: okaku of culture guide.Image: Aniplex of America / Trigger / Sentai Filmworks / Diomedéa / Passione / Kotaku As a medium, anime has the power to cross physical and cultural barriers with its transformative stories and impressive art styles.. So far, like the legacy anime Astro Boy, Akira, and Dragon Ball Z‘s iconic characters and genre-defining stories inspire modern popular media. You can’t get that kind of effect without a healthy dose of plot. I’m not talking about your parent’s plot idea, dear reader. I’m talking about that mélange…

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The best memes about Nier: Automata’s Secret Door

screen shot: Square Enix Well, that was fast. Nier: Automata‘s secret door — the one that divided the game’s fans — went from a fun little secret to a viral meme in three days. In case you haven’t followed The most confusing game story of the yearto a hidden place in Nier: AutomataAn action-RPG game first released in 2017. One player, known only by his Reddit handle Sadfutago, stumbled upon a door with a fully rendered church behind it. Sounds harmless enough, but here’s where it gets weird: they’re the…

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Live a Life: Kotaku Review

live alive It’s a pixel-art RPG that’s been here for a good while, not too long, and it’s a much-needed formula in today’s gaming space where RPGs often require tens if not hundreds of hours to finish. Read more… .

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Kristen Stewart’s Irma Vibe Look Is Not Exactly What You Expect

This post contains spoilers for the HBO . series Irma Vape. Kristen Stewart Had to appear in Irma vape. The question was not if but when the Creator would appear Olivier Assayas— who is also the only writer and director of the HBO mini-series — will recently post his favorite actor, drop it in meta, ruminate eight episodes in his own life (which is Based on the 1996 movie Assayas wrote and directed, which is itself a work of automatic, deceptive fiction.) In the Monday night finale, Stewart is finally…

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