42 Games like Dwarf Fortress That You Will Love To Play

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“Architecture is a visual art, and buildings speak for themselves,” rightly said Julia Morgan. What is better than constructing your world and maintaining it? Well, yes, this has been made possible by game developers for you.

Released in 2006, Dwarf Fortress is a critically acclaimed construction and management simulation game. It was developed by Bay game 12 and designed by Twin brothers Tarn Adams and Zach Adams. Constructions games created a wave in the gaming industry and are considered the cherry on the cake for players who like experiencing without struggling.

Obviously, to have an experience, you need not build anything in real life. Push the button, and there you go. If you have played this game and like construction simulation games, here is a list of 42 games that are like Dwarf Fortress but with their unique twists. 

1. Minecraft

Single-player, as well as multiplayer game Minecraft, is a critically acclaimed and an all-time favorite. Released in 2011, this game was developed by Mujang studio, a Swedish game developer. It was designed by Markus Persson and Jens Bergensten.

Minecraft (Image Credit: Wallpaper Flare)

Minecraft is a sandbox game that requires the player to mine 3D objects which are in the shape of blocks. These blocks represent various materials used to build things. There are no specific goals that need to be achieved, but there is an achievement (known as advancement) and trophy system. The option to the intensity of difficulty is also given in Minecraft with a virtual infinity world.

2. Rimworld

Originally called Eclipse Colony, this two-dimensional colony-building game has set up its scenario in the future where there are categories of humans with different technological powers. Players (known as “pawns”) create spaceships and colonies while being stranded on these planets in Rimworld. While being stranded, the players have to go through varied events in order to survive.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Rimworld (Image credits: Wallpaper Flare)

Developed by Ludeon Studios, Rimworld also represents the emotionally driven behavior of the characters, which indirectly affects the game, giving a dramatic flavor to the game. The characters of the game need to be nourished, and if their nourishment is not taken care of, then it can lead to a fight or just dazing. This game is also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

3. Dark Gnome

Developed by Upjers and released in 2019, this game consists of dwarves who are very mean and need a hero to save themselves from the great rat king Charles. Revenge is the main theme of Dark Gnome, as these dwarves are fed up with the rats who steal their stuff.


42 games like dwarf fortress

Dark Gnome (Image credits: MMOHuts)

In order to win against a king, one has to form an army with relevant survival resources such as food, weapons, etc. In order to get these resources, the dwarves hunt the neighboring tribes and go on rescue missions. Doctor, Cook, blacksmith, and Trainer are some of the characters in this game with different backstories.

4. Evil Genius

What is better than saving the world from evil world domination? That is exactly what Evil Genius is all about. It was developed by a British video game company Elixir Studios, and designed by Sandro Sammarco.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Evil Genius (Image credit: WallpaperAccess)

The ultimate aim of the player is to build a doomsday device and manage a liar inhabited by minions. There are certain acts that are performed to adorn the liar or to collect material in order to build the doomsday device. All these actions are taken up by minions and henchmen, known as ‘Acts of Infamy.’A sequel to this single-player game was released in 2022 as Evil Genius 2: World Domination.

5. Oxygen Not Included

Thriving than surviving is considered to be more valuable for any being. This same thing defines the main task performed while playing the simulation survival game Oxygen not Included.

This game is based on the construction of a space colony by various duplicants (characters in the game) with scarce resources. The scarcity of resources makes it difficult to survive, so it becomes imperative to create a task force that serves 24X7. Prespecified roles and tasks are given to the duplicants based on their skills and abilities by the player.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Oxygen Not Included (Image credit: Teahub)

The player is responsible for maintaining the oxygen and temperature level of the duplicates in order to keep them alive. This game was developed and published by Klei Entertainment.

6. Factorio

Imagine building your own factory, maintaining it, and defending it from enemies. That is how exactly Factorio works. Released in 2021, this game is developed by Wube software with a factory construction and management theme.

The players have quite flexible options to use their imagination which helps them to build even mega factories. One can make their own maps and use mods for more exposure in case they are feeling bored because of confined spaces.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Factorio (Image credits: Wallpaper Flare)

Being a cross-platform game, it can be played on different hardware and engages wide users. Stream (PC) and GOG are some of the places other than Factorio from where you can buy this Game.

7. Dungeon Keeper

Dungeon games are known to be of cliché themes, but Dungeon keeper comes with its own unique features. A hand is used to control the work of keeping the dungeon. The player’s heart is what is to be saved, and if destroyed, then the player also dies. The heart also links the player to the real world.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Dungeon Keeper (Image credit: Game Audio Network Guild)

The dungeons are maintained by Imps, who do all the work, which includes mining gems and gold, digging tunnels, capturing enemies, and setting traps for enemies. These Imps are taken into control by a magical spell that tells them to obey the player.

Imps can be slapped if they are slow in their work, but in doing so, their life span is reduced. This game can also be played by multiple players with a local network.

8. Prison Architect

Developed by Introversion Software and designed by Chris Delay, this game allows players to build and maintain a prison.

The player has to play the role of a CEO as well as a governor. Maintaining a prison surely is a difficult task because one has to deal with criminals. In Prison, Architect prisoners are given different security ratings so that their escape can be prevented. This game also allows building a female prison which comes with allied services such as nursing and childcare.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Prison Architect (Image credits: Wallpaper Access)

One of the interesting features of this game is that it works exactly like a professional prison management company where the officials can be fired by the CEO with a punishment and reward system.

9. Dungeon Keeper 2

Dungeon keeper 2 is a sequel to Dungeon keeper, released in 1997 by Bullfrog Productions. Most of the part of this game is like the former version but in a more varied and advanced form.

The player has to assist the horn Reaper, known as an evil warrior, to claim Portal gems from the kingdom of Harmonia ruled by King Reginald. These gems are scattered along seven dungeons which can be used to control underworld evil creatures.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Dungeon Keeper 2 (Image credits: Reddit)

Real-time strategy and Dungeon management are some of the features of this game. As in the original game, the player has to save his heart in order to survive the game.

10. Craft The World

As the name suggests, one has to create a safe world in order to ensure the survival of the dwarves. This game starts with a dwarf with minimal resources, and he is required to carve out his way. As the game proceeds forward, new dwarves are obtained by collecting points earned by mining, woodcutting, and crafting.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Craft the World (Image credits: The World of Nerd and Geeks)

This game has different world with unique set up named as The Land of New Hope (The lush green world), The Land of Winter Heaven (The World of snow), The Land of Dry Winds (The desert world,) and The Land of Dangerous Caves (The underground world).

There are hidden rooms that contain treasure, and once you have enough resources to attack these rooms, the treasure will be yours after a successful attack. This game is available on Steam.

11. Populous: The Beginning

42 games like dwarf fortress

Populous: The Beginning (Image credits: Reddit)

This Real-time strategy game was developed by Bullfrog Productions and was released in 1998. The plot of Populous is based on powers that are attained by worshiping a god. The player is entitled to control a shaman and their followers who attack other tribes, such as Dakini, Chumara, and Matak, in order to save their very own existence. The followers are controlled by magic spells.

There are 26 spells that can create things like Landbridge, Swarm, Tornado, etc. Besides building structures to defeat the enemy, the army should also outnumber the enemy’s army. This game was part of The Populous series as a third installment.

12. Banished

Suppose being exiled from your place with the minimum resources to survive. Your job is to make a town with all essentials that can help these people to lead a happy life. The key resource in this game is the people themselves; one just has to use these people as resources and create facilities.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Banished (Image credits: Pinterest)

There are a total of  20 jobs that can be performed by the people of the town. Proper management of risk and balances will lead to a greater chance of victory, and as the game proceeds, new people will come to inhabit Banished. This game was developed by Shining Rock Software and released in 2014.

13. Startopia

This game was created by Mucky Foot Productions and distributed in 2001 by Eidos Interactive. This is a business simulation game that requires the player to build space stations and maintain them with the help of aliens.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Startopia (Image credit: Riot Pixels)

After a galactic war, most of the space station in Startopia was destroyed. Now these space stations need to be restored by the player, which includes constructing rooms, managing economic problems, or acquiring other space stations.

Aliens are equipped with different abilities, and according to those abilities, they are assigned tasks by the player. These space stations are protected from enemy attacks or disguised intervention.

14. Planetbase

A Madruga creation, this space simulation game was released in 2015. Players have to build a safe base by leading a group of space settlers on a planet to survive. The level of difficulty is determined by the type of planet that the space travelers want to inhabit.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Planetbase (Image credit: The Hidden Levels)

There is a total of four planets Desert Planet, a Barren Moon, a Storm Planet, and a Frozen Planet. Survival needs to be ensured by space travelers with a proper supply of oxygen, food, and water. People are engaged in different tasks according to their skills. This game can only be played by a single player.

15. Rise to Ruins

This city-building tactics video game, formerly known as Retro Pixels Castles, was designed by Raymond Doer and published by SixtyGig Games. It is a single-player game and is available via Linux, OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

The players engage in constructing a village, defending a tower, fighting monsters, and dealing with gods. This game may seem a bit like Rimworld, but it is different from what it ought to be because of its unique features and gaming experience.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Rise to Ruins (Image credits: Repack-Games)

It comes with different game modes, such as survival mode, traditional mode, Nightmare mode, Peaceful Mode, Sandbox Mode, and Custom mode. In Short, this game has just a perfect balance between all those hardcore, colony survival, and micromanagement game.

16. Dwarfs!?

This game is an insulin shot for people who love playing mining games. Dwarfs!? It was developed by the Power of 2 and released this game in 2011 for Microsoft Windows. The main job of the player in this game is to manage and construct an underground dwarf colony that needs to be protected from monsters.

Dwarf Fortress

Dwarfs!? (Image credits: Steam)

Collecting gold, drawing arrows, bombing holes, and purchasing warriors are some of the tasks performed for constant safety. Arcade mode and tower defense mode are some of the key modes of this Single-player game. This game was published by Tripwire Interactive with Microsoft Windows, Linux, and OS X as operating platforms.

17. A Game of Dwarves

What is better than a mix of Dwarf and Dungeon theme-based video games? Released in 2012, this game was developed by Zeal game studio. After a great war immense amount of treasure was buried under the land of Dwarven Settlement. The player functions include assisting the Dwarven prince in Exploring treasure, Building settlements, and Commanding the dwarf army.

42 games like dwarf fortress

A Game of Dwarves (Image credits: Gamepressure)

There are 13 levels with a campaign mode where dwarves seek to reclaim their land from evil Magi. The storyline itself is funny, and if you take the time to read the conversations when they appear, it carries that dry humor through the game.

18. Space Colony

How can the element of keeping someone happy be designed as a game? Well, this genre of game was developed by Firefly Studios, where the main job of the player is to keep characters happy in order to command them for the construction of various structures. The different worker has Different abilities that have to be taken care of.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Space Colony (Image credits: Firefly Studios)

With 20 different characters with varied needs, it is necessary to keep their mental health in check, which can be obtained by constructing therapy centers, meditation places, and detention ponds. Characters have a work shift and a broken shift. The unique feature of this game is developing feelings and starting relationships.

19. They Are Billions

This game is based on a zombie theme where the player has to make a fortified colony in order to survive the apocalypse. There are 48 missions with gameplay of 60 hours. The characters have to survive different events, cold and storms being some of them.

42 games like dwarf fortress

They are Billions (Image credits: Free-Wallpaper). This single-player game was developed by Numantian Games and was published in 2019. This game requires the player to destroy zombies with the help of an army named the Imperial Army. An option of real rime pause is also provided in this game so that the best tactical decisions can be taken at the very moment of the war.

20. Space Haven

Space Haven is just like a space movie. Various missions, such as Away missions, Draft missions, and Inventory missions, are carried out in this game by a group of civilians who are on a space voyage to explore the universe. It is a ritual that a space mission game must include aliens, and this ritual is also carried out in this game.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Space Haven (Image credits: Free-Wallpaper)

Aliens capture crew members who are resisted by them by different tactical combat solutions. This game is a single-player game developed by Bugbyte Ltd. with Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy, and Early Access as its genre and was released in 2020.

21. Judgment

Developed by Ryu Ga Gotoko Studio and published by Sega, this game gives a chilling experience for players who have a fondness for chasing sequences. Takayuki Yagami, the main character of this game, tries to solve the mysterious death of corpses whose eyes have been removed. Tokyo city is the main inspiration for its location and assets.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Judgement (Image credits: Wallpaper Cave)

Fighting sequences are also designed in this game which can lead to fatal injuries but can be restored by purchasing items. To make it more interesting, there are two fighting sequences; crane-style and tiger-style. The main job in this game is to look for clues and find the serial killer.

22. Frostpunk

Set in a 19th-century period theme, it is a single-player game developed by 11-bit studios and released in 2018. Captain (player) has to look after a group of survivors and create a city that can stand extreme weather conditions. This includes recreation and procreation functions.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Frostpunk (Image credits: Wallpaper Cave)

The creation of society also needs the creation of laws, so this game also gives the player the power to make laws in order to increase productivity. There are three levels titled -The Arks, The refugees, and The home of Winterhome. Frostpunk also needs players to research technological advancement in order to stand the cold environment.

23. Surviving Mars

Haemimont Games developed this Mars survival simulation game in 2018 with the single-player mode. The main goal of the player is to create a colony on mars with limited resources. This also includes carrying on a business in which rare metals are extracted from mars and exported back to earth for funds.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Surviving Mars (Image credits: Wallpaper Cave)

Research is a key component of this game which must be conducted in Five fields, namely Physics, Engineering, Social, Biotechnology, and Robotics, to unlock different technologies. Mars is known for its storms, so this factor was also included in this game. The colony must be saved from Extreme weather conditions to win this game.

24. Colony Survival

Colony Survival is colony building single-player game which requires players to make a colony, maintain it and defend it from Monsters. This is an advanced version with various different jobs, such as miner, farmer, engineer, etc., that can be unlocked with science.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Colony Survival (Image credits: Wallpaper Cave)

An advanced server tool is provided by Steam which enables complex system setup. Released in 2017, this game was developed by Pipliz with Action and adventure as its genre. Despite being a Single-player game, one can invite friends to play. This game has been regularly updated since its inception latest being the 2019 version.

25. Odd Realm

Odd Realm is a colony-building video game that consists of a fantasy world where people try to survive and fight monsters. This video game provides three playable races (Humans, Tomek, and Gwdir), five biomes (Desert, Taiga, Void land, Tundra, and Tropical), and 24plus creatures.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Odd Realm (Image credits: GOG.com)

With this variety of tools and functions, a particular structure is constructed that depends on the environment, whether it is a desert or snow-covered mountain. Player decision defines the encounters in the game, which gives an out-of-the-box experience with unique scenarios.

This sandbox game was released in 2019 with a single-player mode. Windows 7 and the 64-bit processor is the minimum system requirement to play this game.

26. Kenshi

Players in this game have to start from scratch as they do not possess any skills. To complete this game, players have to make a town by employing different characters present in the game. This development can be resisted by weather concerns, enemies, and geographical concerns.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Kenshi (Image credits: Wallpaper Abyss)

Kenshi gives enough flexibility to the player to reform and add traits to their characters. Different reactions in this game can lead to the opening of other dimensions. Developed and Published by Lo-Fi games, Kenshi is a role-playing video game. It was released in 2018 and can be played on platforms such as Windows.

27. Towns

42 games like dwarf fortress

Towns (Image credits: Reddit)

This game is a solid concept of dungeon hunting, town-building, and exploring. By incorporating RPG elements, this game offers a novel new perspective on the city-building/management genre. Players assist a Hero with creating weapons, obtaining loot, Trading with exotic items, and setting up devious traps while developing a settlement and everything catering to him.

Developed by Xavi Canal and Published by SMP, this game was released in 2012. Since then, it has been updated at regular intervals. The Minimum and recommended memory requirement for this game is 1 GB and 2GB RAM, respectively. If you like being a hero with witty characteristics, then you must try this one.

28. Gnomoria

This open sandbox game takes place in a procedurally generated world that is fully destructible (Everything can be rebuilt, mined, dug, and chopped) and incorporated with different mechanisms. It is a village-building game where management is in the hands of a small group of Gnomes.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Gnomoria (Image credit: TGDB)

This game was developed and published by Robotronic Games in 2016. Everything in this village can be destroyed and made with the help of advanced mechanisms like levers, steam engines, and hatches that can be reformed and reconstructed. Crafting is an important part of village management and building, and this component is also added to different workshops.

29. Surviving the Aftermath

As the name suggests, this game is about surviving the aftermath of a natural disaster and creating preventions from upcoming catastrophes. Released in 2021, This post-apocalyptic game was developed by Iceflake Studios and published by Paradox Interactive with Simulation and strategy as its genre.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Surviving the Aftermath (Image credits: Wallpaper Cave)

With Eighty plus specialists with their own unique skills and motivations, this game also gives you the option to choose the outfit and recruit these specialists.

These specialists also go on missions outside the colony in order to meet neighbor colonies and engage in trade with them. Tough on-the-spot choices are also a key component of this game which makes it unique and try-worthy.

30. King Under The Mountain 

Developed and published by rocket Rocket Jump Company, this game is built on a series of interlocking systems which combine together to stimulate a living world.

This game is based on Procedural generation and peaceful expansion. Creating a colony needs recreation and building activities such as mining, farming, crafting, and buying/selling goods, and all these aspects can be played in this game.

42 games like dwarf fortress

King Under the Mountain (Image credits: IGDB.com)

The unique feature of this game is that the player can modify the components, which makes it a mod-friendly game. The minimum system requirement for the operating system in this game is Windows 7 64-bit.

31. First Feudal

During old times villages were controlled by feudal lords, and they were responsible for building and managing those villages. This same role is played by the players in this game and allows the player to become a real feudal lord. So, if you don’t really own a village and want to live that experience try playing First feudal.

42 games like dwarf fortress

First Feudal (Image credit: GOG.com)

This game was developed by Harpoon Games and published by Gamera Games. Released in 2021, this single-player game is of the indie and strategy genre. Managing Peasants, Developing Infrastructures, making your village attractive to others, and fighting battles are some of the key features of this game.

32. Stonehearth

Developed by Radiant Entertainment, Stoneheart is a community management and building game. The role of the player is to help the settlers accommodate in a new land and supply them with essentials to keep them happy. Everyone loves customization and flexibility. That is what this game is about.


Stonehearth (Image credit: Stonehearth Discourse)

Every character has its own role, but in order to assign that role, one has to create a new tool. These features are enabled by Mods which gives an original pen and paper RPG experience. Players have to save this settlement from frequent raiders and other kinds of threats.

33. Hammerting

Hammerting is all about colorful dwarves who undergo extreme mining operations, craft swords and deal with dangers. This game comes with online co-op modes, which means you can invite friends to join the game. It was developed by Team17 Digital and was released in 2021 with the offline single-player mode.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Hammerting (Image credits: Movies, Games and Tech)

Craftsmanship is the main skill of these dwarves aimed at exceptional results in the form of swords. The hazardous conditions shown in this game are the main concern of these dwarfs, and the player must ensure their safety by assisting the right path.

34. Going Medieval

Surviving and reliving the medieval age is the main concept of this game. Some of the key features of this game are to designing a settlement from a wooden hut, protecting the village, creating an underground cavern, and optimizing villagers as well as production lines. Every villager in this game has their own background and needs with different behaviors.

Going Medieval (Image credit: Humble Bundle)

Going Medieval (Image credit: Wallpaper Cave)

 In order to ensure the economic welfare of this village, the inhabitants visit other villages and trade with them. This game was developed by Foxy Voxel with minimum requirements of Windows 7 64-bit as the operating system and was published by The Irregular Corporation.

35. Cogmind

Released in 2017, COGMIND is a tactical sci-fi video game with strong character development. In other games, either a city is built or some sort of structure is, but this game includes Building a robot by collecting 1000 parts from the remains of other robots.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Cogmind (Image credit: Grid Sage games)

This game highly focuses on stealth systems, and with every level, new equipment is obtained to make this system more leakproof. This game is developed and published by Grid Sage games with a single-player mode.

36. Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

Cataclysm is a zombie theme game with its own unique features. A catastrophic event killed many people in New England, and a laboratory experiment led to the outbreak of zombie infection. This game also includes multi-dimensional aspects which open a portal to different worlds.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead (Image credit: Reddit)

The player must protect the people from the attacks organized from the other side of multidimensional portals either by fighting these enemies or by building attack-proof colonies. This game was released in 2013 and developed by Kevin Granade & community.

37. Stardeus

Stardues is a sci-fi colony management simulator game inspired by Factorio and Rimworld. It was developed by Kondo Linija, and its publisher is Paradox Arc. The Stardust colony is a broken spaceship inhabited by humans with fewer resources and extreme weather conditions. This colony is manned by drones.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Stardeus (Image credit: Twitter )

The player has to use these drones to repair the starship and travel outside the ship for help. Some of the key features of this game are AI, unique colonist traits, Mood and Mental Breakdowns, and an economic culture in which one can invest in the Stock Market.

38. Dwarf Fortress Classic

Developed under the dwarf fortress series, its first installment was released in 2002. Wealth and fame are all that dwarves in this game dream about. In order to achieve these dreams, these dwarves engage in missions and build resistance-proof colonies.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Dwarf Fortress Classic Mode (Image credit: Wallpaper Flare)

This game is set up in a fantasy world where combat mechanics takes account of characteristics such as body parts, bleeding, pain, poisoning effects, as well as wrestling kills. The Minimum system requirement for this game is Windows XP SP 3.

39. Amazing Cultivator Simulator

Amazing Cultivator is a strategy sim and management game. Players have to rebuild their sects by bringing in fresh recruits to the cultivation path. Along the way to psychic enlightenment, you will encounter various sects and old perils while researching magic and obtaining magical treasures.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Amazing Cultivator Simulator (Image credit: Xbox)

This game was released in 2020, developed by GSQ Games, and published by Gamera Games. This stimulator game is inspired by Chinese mythology and games like The Legend of Shushan Swordsman and Martial Kingdoms.

40. Civitatem

This game consists of people managing and building medieval villages. Players can choose the owner of their village and can name them.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Civitatem (Image credit: BITVoxy)

 Every villager is specialized in certain tasks, whether it is education, research, recreation, management, or construction. Developed and published by LW Games, it was released in 2022. Some of the key features make this game out of the box, such as bandit raids, cutting-edge research systems, and crafting skills.

41. Dwarf Fortress Steam

Dwarf Fortress was developed by Bay 12 Games and published by Kitfox Games as a single-player game. This dwarf-theme game is equipped with more advanced pixel graphics with the ability to generate a unique world by the player.

42 games like dwarf fortress

The Dwarf Fortress Steam (Image credit: Wallpaper Abyss)

Dwarf fortress steam is different from Dwarf fortress Classic in many ways, be it maximum system requirement or be it gaming pattern. Unlike other colony sims, this one has a lot of cool lore and content generated around the world, and there’s lots of stuff to create and discover if you feel like it.

42. Subnautica

Released in 2018, Subnautica is an underwater development video with unique sea life. Developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, this game is an action-adventure game.

42 games like dwarf fortress

Subnautica (Image credit: Pinterest)

The main player is a maintenance chief who is in charge of the oceanic planet, which can be explored with advanced survival tactics. There are four modes present in Subnautica named The Survival Mode, The Freedom Mode, The Hardcore Mode, and The Creative Mode.

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