39 Movies Similar To Enola Holmes: All The Famous Detectives Have Gathered

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Enola Holmes broadens the Sherlock Holmes world to present a fresh Baker Street tale on the theatre. This suspense melodrama features Holmes’ youngest sibling, Enola, who inherits her brother’s enthusiasm for having adventures and is inspired by the YA thriller by Nancy Springer. Now, both reviewers and audiences are admiring the most recent adaption for its original plot and Millie Bobby Brown’s vivacious portrayal.

The eagerly anticipated sequel to Enola Holmes, Enola Holmes 2, was made available on Netflix. Enola Holmes 2, which stars Millie Bobby Brown playing the titular character, Louis Partridge, Helena Bonham Carter, and Henry Cavill, continues to portray Sherlock’s younger sister as she makes an effort to launch her own investigation business and assists in solving cases.

Enola has nothing in common with her brother in demeanor, even though she walks in his investigative shoes. She uses her investigative methods and manner to crack crimes while showcasing her impetuous adolescence. Viewers may compare other films to Enola Holmes by looking at the subgenre, plot, or recurrent elements in them, from some other Sherlock adaption to an adolescent comedy. As a result, we show 39 comparable films.

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1. Nancy Drew (2007)

When her dad travels to Los Angeles, in the state of California, for employment, Nancy Drew goes along. In exchange for her dad’s pledge that she would behave well and refrain from causing trouble, Nancy reserved an empty building for the couple to remain in. It ends out to be more difficult for Nancy Drew to blend in at her new campus as a typical student.

Nancy Drew (2007)

She quickly makes friends with a younger guy and realizes that the realm of detective work is where she thrives. She discovers a message from American actress Dehlia Draycott addressed to “Z” while looking around the loft. This sends Nancy on a quest in circles.

• Viewers can watch Nancy Drew on the Apple TV streaming site.

2. Gone Girl (2014)

Nick Dunne, a retired New York State journalist, discovers that his Missouri house has been broken into, his entrance gate is partially open, there is broken glass throughout, and his well-known novelist spouse Amy has mysteriously vanished under extremely peculiar and strange conditions.

Gone Girl (2014)

Gone Girl (2014)

Naturally, Nick’s existence is in the news amid an unrestrained media firestorm as veteran investigator Rhonda Boney looks more and farther into the hubby’s supposedly immaculate persona. As a consequence, Nick becomes more and more entangled in a murky world where everything is not as it appears. Is the loving father a cold-blooded killer?

• Viewers can watch Gone Girl on the Prime streaming site.

3. Little Women (2019)

The devoted matron Marmee plus her four young girls, Beth, Meg, Jo, and Amy, are on their own in the 19th century in the state of Massachusetts while their dad is abroad fighting in the American Revolution, and they must survive for themselves. The aspiring writer Jo March, who lives in genteel deprivation, is trying to break into the patriarchial world of New York City; the thoughtful Meg is now wedded, and the creative Amy is in France with their well-off Auntie March.

Little Women (2019)

Little Women (2019)

The siblings will live together again as a result of the announcement of gifted Beth’s sickness. But Jo, who is strong and independent, aspires for independence more than anyone else in the universe, much to the dismay of the attractive next-door friend, Theodore Laurence, nicknamed Laurie. Do all tales have to conclude with nuptials?

• Viewers can watch Little Women on the Netflix streaming site.

4. Scooby-Doo (2002)

They’re reuniting once more! Mystery, Inc. has reunited after a two-year absence and is prepared to unravel the mystery surrounding Spooky Beach. He, Mr. Emile Mondavarious, owns and operates the resort known as Spooky Isle and is experiencing issues with what he thinks are actual intelligence agencies.

Scooby-Doo (2002)

Scooby-Doo (2002)

When word gets out, and the visitors begin to disperse to return to the mainland, this is terrible for the company. The crew is persuaded by Mondavarious that they ought to cooperate and are required. But is the archipelago cursed, or is there simply one evil person responsible for all the ride problems and spooky lifeforms? Who may it be, if so?

• Viewers can watch Scooby-Doo on the Netflix streaming site.

5. Veronica Mars (2014)

A romance alongside Stosh Piznarski, nicknamed Piz, as well as an employment contract from the famous legal representative Truman-Mann & Partners, have brought former adolescent detective Veronica Mars to Manhattan a decade after the situation of season 3 of the television series.

Veronica Mars (2014)

Veronica Mars (2014)

She gets a call from her ex-boyfriend Logan Echolls, a captain in the US Marines who is accused of murdering Carrie Bishop, a student at Neptune College who subsequently gained renown as the ferocious pop diva “Bonnie DeVille,” who was a classmate of hers. As Logan receives multiple offers of legal representation, Veronica decides to return to Neptune and help Logan select the best one.

• Viewers can watch Deep Impact on HBO and Prime streaming sites.

6. Death On The Nile (2022)

It was Egypt in 1937. A married aristocrat is discovered killed on the deck while Hercule Poirot, a renowned Belgian investigator, is on a pleasure cruise along the Nile. Every opulent traveler on deck, the opulent SS Karnak harbors a grievance against the deceased aristocratic heiress, so methodical Hercule Poirot armed himself with time and tenacious persistence to find the murderer among them.

Death On The Nile (2022)

Death On The Nile (2022)

Can Poirot identify the perpetrator of the killing on the Nile while following a thin track of inconspicuous evidence before another person perishes?

• Viewers can watch Death on the Nile on the Hotstar streaming site.

7. Hanna (2011)

Hanna Heller, a sweet-looking 16-year-old who has been trained to be a raging maniac by her parent Erik Heller, a veteran C.I.A. agent, has spent almost her entire life preparing for one specific assignment. When a strong drive to explore the mysterious external environment prompts a ferocious cat-and-mouse chase across countries, the talented student will soon have to apply her intensive training in the punishing Finnish countryside to the strain.

Hanna (2011)

Hanna (2011)

The merciless C.I.A. operative Marissa Wiegler, an old rival of Hanna’s, is determined to kill her equitable objective, and no weapon will be capable of stopping her, plus her diabolical sidekick. They will all die, or one of them will.

• Viewers can watch Hanna on the Netflix streaming site.

8. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015)

At its worst, the Cold War was in 1963. To prevent a nuclear holocaust, CIA spy Napoleon Solo and Soviet operative Illya Kuryakin form an unusual collaboration. A renowned nuclear expert who worked for the US in the past has vanished. It’s believed that his brother abducted him so he could research a nuclear weapon. Gaby, the physicist’s child, travels to Rome with Kuryakin and Solo because that is where her relative works.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015)

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015)

The plan is to surreptitiously look into his business to track down the researcher and the explosive. However, matters aren’t always easy. This is worsened by the event that Kuryakin and Solo still see one another as adversaries and are unsure if they can confide with one another.

• Viewers can watch The Man From U.N.C.L.E. on Prime and Netflix streaming sites.

9. The Pink Panther (2006)

The arrogant Head Inspector Dreyfus appoints the worst legal investigator Jacques Clouseau to the investigation after the trainer of the France football club is slain in the arena after a match by a venomous needle, and his pricey and massive jewelry with the gem Pink Panther vanishes. His goal is to distract the media while using his cleverest aides to pursue the murderer and burglar. To assist Clouseau and keep him informed at every stage of the inquiry, he appoints Gendarme Gilbert Ponton.

The Pink Panther (2006)

The Pink Panther (2006)

Dreyfus decides to disgrace Clouseau and remove him from the investigation when he is considered with honor for the prestigious award in France. Clouseau, though, has already figured out the puzzle.

• Viewers can watch The Pink Panther on the Prime streaming site.

10. Ocean’s 8 (2018)

The charming fraudster Danny Ocean’s little sibling, Debbie Ocean, calls her ex-partner Lou for assistance since she has plenty of time to work out the specifics of her grandiose development task. And after having served a five-year sentence in prison, Debbie scoops up where she let go of and puts together an all-female fabulous group of professionals to knock off her $150 million crowning achievement: rob the brilliant Toussaint piece of jewelry from Cartier that is festooning the swan-like throat of the highly regarded artist, Daphne Kluger.

Ocean's 8 (2018)

Ocean’s 8 (2018)

However, Daphne and her stunning jewelry will be the center of attention at the forthcoming Met Gala. How on the planet can Ocean’s Eight be able to steal it when it’s out in the open?

• Viewers can watch Ocean’s 8 on the Netflix streaming site.

11. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011)

Investigative reporter Mikael Blomqvist quits his publication Millennium when a rich businessman successfully prosecuted him for defamation, and he takes Henrik Vanger’s proposal to chronicle the Vanger genealogy. The Vangers, a long-established commercial dynasty, are not without their measure of dark secrets. But Harriet Vanger, whom Henrik believes was killed by a relative of his in august of 1966, is the person Henrik has been most curious to understand what happened to.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011)

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011)

Mikael accepts the assignment and settles into a modest cabin on the Vanger property. He starts figuring out some of the hints Harriet had left and chooses to hire criminal mastermind Lisbeth Salander, the person who conducted the extremely comprehensive background investigation, as his assistant.

• Viewers can watch The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo on the Prime streaming site.

12. Donnie Darko (2001)

A boy called Donnie Darko, who has a habit of sleepwalking, strolls out of his apartment one evening during the 1988 national election and encounters Frank, a huge, menacing-looking bunny, who warns him that the world will be destroyed in a little over 28 days. The following morning when he gets home, he discovers that a fighter jet has gone past his room.

Donnie Darko (2001)

Donnie Darko (2001)

Frank keeps showing into Donnie’s head as he attempts to understand how he escaped and deals with locals like the schoolyard bully, his religious health instructor, and a self-help spiritual leader, leading him to engage in vandalism and other bad behavior.

• Viewers can watch Donnie Darko on the Prime streaming site.

13. Prisoners (2013)

The relatives of the two vanished girls call the authorities. An RV was positioned on the roadway, according to the sibling of one of the females. When the cops discover the RV, they discover a mentally handicapped individual inside. He is questioned by the lead investigator, who remains silent.

Prisoners (2013)

Prisoners (2013)

The investigator is instructed to keep him put in prison by the dad of another of the ladies so they can operate on him. But he claims they must release him if there isn’t additional proof. When the dad hears of this, he approaches the guy, and the person says something that gives the father the impression that he is privy to some information.

• Viewers can watch Prisoners on the Prime streaming site.

14. Minority Report (2002)

A mechanism had to be devised since killings in the coming years had grown so widespread. Three psychics work together to forecast murders using a method they term “Precrime.” enabling law enforcement to halt the killings. This technology is being produced in Washington, D.C., wherein policeman John Anderton has successfully prevented multiple killings during his career despite losing his son to a homicide six years earlier. He learned one day that he had just committed the next homicide.

Minority Report (2002)

Minority Report (2002)

He is currently evading a technology he helped establish while looking for answers as to why he intended to kill someone.

• Viewers can watch Minority Report on the Prime and Netflix streaming sites.

15. The Prestige (2006)

Two illusionists who were once partners struggle for years to develop a foolproof process for the quintessential vanishing gimmick, “the Transported Man,” which quickly develops into an unofficial combat between people.

The Prestige (2006)

The Prestige (2006)

As time goes on, their loved ones and family drift away from them, as well as their existences are gradually destroyed until they each manage to perform the magic, each by a specific technique.

• Viewers can watch The Prestige on the Prime streaming site.

16. Shutter Island (2010)

American Deputy Teddy Daniels and his rookie partner Chuck Aule travel to a state hospital for the culpable ill on Shutter Island, close to Boston, in response to a report of a fugitive prisoner. Daniels, who is weighed down by his issues, has reasons for visiting the archipelago.

Shutter Island (2010)

Shutter Island (2010)

He is as horrified by the devastating fire that contributed to the death of his spouse as he is by what he witnessed when his artillery unit liberated a Nazi torture center at the close of World War II. Dr. John Cawley, the facility’s administrator, extends a kind welcome to him, while other staff members are less understanding of the operations. Daniels is especially interested in learning what occurs in the segregated ward.

• Viewers can watch Shutter Island on the Prime streaming site.

17. Taking Lives (2004)

The eighties are when the movie begins. Adolescent Martin Asher traveled to Canada via bus. Here on the carriage, he encounters Matt Soulsby, a fellow young person. They decided to hire a vehicle and travel to Seattle after the breakdown of the bus. The vehicle’s tire blows out on the highway, and Matt begins to replace it.

Taking Lives (2004)

Taking Lives (2004)

When Martin remarks that he and Matt are approximately the same statures, he immediately shoves Matt into the path of an approaching vehicle, creating a catastrophic collision in which both Matt, as well as the motorist perish. He departed, humming like Matt, and snatched Matt’s instrument. Two decades later, a female Intelligence profiler named Illeana Scott travels to Canada to assist in the search for Martin Asher, who is currently a serial murderer.

• Viewers can watch Taking Lives on the Netflix streaming site.

18. Zodiac (2007)

The San Francisco Newspaper employs illustrator Robert Graysmith. Paul Avery, a journalist whose alcoholism prevents him from accomplishing his work, finds his eccentric ways annoying. A common interest between the two people—the Zodiac killer—helps them become buddies.

Zodiac (2007)

Zodiac (2007)

Graysmith gradually develops an obsession for the subject as Avery’s career descends into inebriated darkness. Graysmith’s amateurish investigation leads him towards David Toschi, a state investigator who has so far been unsuccessful in apprehending his suspect, Sherwood Morrill, a penmanship specialist, Linda del Buono, a prisoner who is acquainted with a Zodiac’s victim, as well as other people. When compared to the one objective that ultimately matters— the Zodiac—career, Graysmith’s spouse and his kids all lose their significance.

• Viewers can watch Zodiac on the Netflix streaming site.

19. Psycho (1960)

Marion Crane, a Phoenix administrative assistant, is tired of how reality has mistreated her. Sam, who she must meet at lunchtime, forbids their union since he must pay the majority of his wealth in divorce. One Weekend, Marion’s boss gives her permission to deposit $40,000 at a bank.

Psycho (1960)

Psycho (1960)

Marion goes on vacation and travels to Sam’s Hollywood shop after deciding to take the funds and begin a fresh start. She exits the major thoroughfare and enters the Bates Inn, exhausted from the lengthy travel and trapped in a thunderstorm. A timid young guy named Norman, who runs the guesthouse, appears to be under the control of his mother.

• Viewers can watch Psycho on the Prime streaming site.

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20. Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019)

Elite sleuth Harry Goodman abruptly vanishes, sparking his kid Tim, age 21, to investigate what happens in the rest of the narrative. Detective Pikachu, the vanished man’s old Pokémon companion and an endearing super-sleuth that even he finds puzzling, is helping with the case. Pikachu and Tim team up on an exciting quest to solve the complex puzzle after realizing they are ideally suited to speak with each other.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019)

Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019)

Next to each other, they follow clues and through bright blue roads of Ryme City, a vast, contemporary city where people and Pokémon live in harmony in a photorealistic live-action setting. Along the way, they come across a variety of Pokémon protagonists and learn about a shocking conspiracy that could end this harmonious coexistence and endanger the entire Pokémon multiverse.

• Viewers can watch Pokémon Detective Pikachu on the Prime streaming site.

21. The Guest (2014)

A USA soldier named David suddenly pays the Peterson household a trip and introduces himself as a buddy of their kid who died during the war in Afghanistan.

The Guest (2014)

The Guest (2014)

When he has stayed there for a few days, several fatalities happen, and Anna, the sister, believes David is somehow involved.
• Viewers can watch The Guest on the Prime streaming site.

22. Spiral (2021)

A burglar is being pursued by policeman Marv Bozwick into a sewage drainage pipe. Bozwick is assaulted from the back by a man donning a pig mask, and when he wakes up, he is hanging by his tongue in a busy pedestrian underpass. He is offered the choice to cut off his tongue but instead survive or to wait until the subsequent train pulls and dies.

Spiral (2021)

Spiral (2021)

Bozwick gets murdered by the train after failing to flee the ambush in time. The following morning, William Schenk, an optimistic novice, is given as Officer Zeke Banks’ partner by police Commander Angie Garza. Bozwick’s killing is the subject of an investigation by Banks and his assistant, and Banks identifies the Jigsaw Killer’s complex trap as his method of operation.

• Viewers can watch Spiral on the Prime streaming site.

23. Fear Street Trilogy (2021)

There are three parts to this series, and all were released in the same year. In the 1994 part, another cruel, senseless killing in Shadyside, the killing center of the U. S., cuts deep down one’s spine. And the nickname of the neighborhood sorceress Sarah Fier, who is accursed, starts coming up more and more frequently.

Fear Street Trilogy (2021)

Fear Street Trilogy (2021)

Now that everything terrible has awakened, a group of five young friends is forced to muster the bravery to uncover a gory, eons-old truth and struggle valiantly against uncontrollable supernatural entities to survive. But in this perilous game of hide and seek, someone else sets the parameters. Can the youthful protectors break the town’s jinx and put an end to everything?

• Viewers can watch Fear Street Trilogy on the Netflix streaming site.

24. Harriet The Spy (1996)

Even though Harriet is just in grade 6, she has already discovered her passion: being a spy. Harriet maintains a regular record of observational data on almost everybody she meets in a personal diary she carries with her wherever she goes.

Harriet The Spy (1996)

Harriet The Spy (1996)

It sounds innocent enough until somebody comes upon the notebook one day, thus reading Harriet’s negative comments about her peers. Harriet decides to exact retribution after discovering that even her closest friends are now against her.

• Viewers can watch Harriet, the Spy on the Prime streaming site.

25. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)

The Baudelaires are a group of young outcasts named Violet, Klaus, and Sunny who are searching for a new residence. They are adopted by several strange family members and other individuals, beginning with the crafty and villainous Count Olaf, who intends to steal their estate. Lemony Snicket recounts this film.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)

At 14, Violet is the eldest of the Baudelaire children, and she serves as their fearless and astute commander. Twelve-year-old Klaus, the one and only male, is the middle kid and is a word-obsessed genius. Baby Sunny is the smallest, and she has a propensity for biting while speaking in a language that only her family can comprehend.

• Viewers can watch Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events on the Paramount+ streaming site.

26. Clue (1985)

Seven unconnected guests come together in a Medieval New England estate on a soggy evening that is full of intrigue and mystery. The quirky, hand-selected participants have been given covert pseudonyms by enigmatic steward Wadsworth and very fine French waitress Yvette, including Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Mr. Boddy, and Mrs. White, to maintain their identities.

Clue (1985)

Clue (1985)

The manor’s massive rugs are stained with heated, brilliant blood when the lamps abruptly go out following the customary small talk to melt the tension. Everyone becomes a candidate since every one of the potentially dubious visitors has a reason to commit murder and the chance to do so. However, who is the murderer? Might it be the wise Mr. Green, the alluring Miss Scarlet, or the classic manservant suspect in stories?

• Viewers can watch Clue on the Apple TV streaming site.

27. Bad Times At The El Royale (2018)

The El Royale is situated anywhere along the California-Nevada outskirts. The story revolves around six individuals and a staff member who checks in with grim intimate details and finally cross paths on a crucial evening in the 1960s.

Bad Times At The El Royale (2018)

Bad Times At The El Royale (2018)

The state line and other visualizations used in the movie serve to illustrate the idea of good and wrong as it examines ethics, religion, and redemption-related issues.

• Viewers can watch Bad Times at the El Royale on the Hotstar streaming site.

28. The Kid Detective (2020)

When he was younger, Abe Applebaum gained notoriety in his community as a child sleuth, resolving small-scale issues and felonies for Willowbrook’s citizens. His good pal Gracie Gulliver vanished while he was 12. He searched for her, but both he and the authorities could locate her, making him distraught.

The Kid Detective (2020)

The Kid Detective (2020)

Even though his parents are worried about him and his classmates mock him for his reluctance to “grow up,” Abe, who is now 32, still runs his detective service.

• Viewers can watch The Kid Detective on the Apple TV streaming site.

29. The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

1897 has passed. London is the location. The backdrop is not the human realm but the realm of the mice that dwell in the British Dynasty’s rat tunnels and cellars and lead lives that are not all that dissimilar from our own.

The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

During Olivia Flaversham’s birthdate, renowned toymaker Hiram Flaversham is abducted. Without someone to resort to, the small girl sets off by herself in search of Basil of Baker Street, the finest mouse sleuth.

• Viewers can watch The Great Mouse Detective on the Hotstar streaming site.

30. The Sixth Sense (1999)

Cole Sear, an intensely tormented 8-year-old kid, is the initial new client that Dr. Malcolm Crowe, a developmental psychiatrist in Philadelphia, chooses to take on to start over and have an opportunity to atone for that soul-scarring episode from a year ago. Cole takes it a step beyond, declaring gravely that he has the blessing cum curse—of a remarkable and undesirable sixth sense—the enigmatic capacity to perceive the terrifying and restless ghosts of the departed who remain in this world—while displaying the same characteristics as one of his previous clients.

The Sixth Sense (1999)

The Sixth Sense (1999)

Can a recovering cynic, however, even accept, much alone, a cure, a helpless life force? What if Cole’s unsettlingly frequent hauntings aren’t just figments of his damaged imagination but rather an undeniable fact?

• Viewers can watch The Sixth Sense on the Hotstar streaming site.

31. My Cousin Rachel (2017)

Philip Ashley believes that his beloved and wealthy relative Ambrose was assassinated by Ambrose’s current bride Rachel to gain his fortune. But he realizes that his fears seem to be baseless once he encounters Rachel and finds love with her.

My Cousin Rachel (2017)

My Cousin Rachel (2017)

Were, however really, or is Rachel only using Philip to gain access to the fortune Ambrose intended for him to inherit rather than her? Will she then execute him?

• Viewers can watch My Cousin Rachel on the Prime streaming site.

32. Crooked House (2017)

Charles Hayward, an ex-ambassador, has relocated from Cairo to his new place in London to start a crime scene investigator business in this iconic Agatha Christie mystery. Detective Hayward is asked to investigate the murder of affluent and vicious billionaire Aristide Leonides after he is drugged in his sleep.

Crooked House (2017)

Crooked House (2017)

His boss and longtime girlfriend, Aristede’s gorgeous grandchild, is one of the prime suspects as the inquiry progresses. He must face this stunning truth and maintain his composure while he negotiates with Sophia and, thus, the remainder of her antagonistic kin.

• Viewers can watch Crooked House on the Prime streaming site.

33. National Treasure (2004)

Benjamin Franklin Gates understood when he was a little boy that he was a member of a distinguished family whose duty was to protect a treasure that the nation’s founders buried by hiding hints about its location on the Declaration of Independence’s parchment and in the nation’s money.

National Treasure (2004)

National Treasure (2004)

Now that he is aware of a scheme to take the Declaration, he just has one choice: steal it on his own. Even if he succeeds in this enormous undertaking, protecting the treasure would still be very difficult, particularly now that the FBI is aware of the plan.

• Viewers can watch National Treasure on the Hotstar streaming site.

34. Get A Clue (2002)

The story of “Get a Clue” centers on the antics of a little girl named Lexy, a pampered 12-year-old who has lived all of her childhood amid Manhattan’s affluent and sophisticated. She takes great satisfaction in her capacity to gather the inside information and provide it to the institution’s buzz section while wearing Prada.

Get A Clue (2002)

Get A Clue (2002)

Stuff starts to become strange when a snapshot she took of her professors gets printed in the local newspaper. When a schoolteacher mysteriously disappears, she, alongside Jack, a buddy from her working-class background, sets out to investigate the case. What happens next is a suspenseful, action-packed journey.

• Viewers can watch Get a Clue on the Hotstar streaming site.

35. Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Lord Blackwood, an occult practitioner and serial murderer who has previously murdered five, is apprehended in London by Sherlock Holmes with his sidekick Dr. Watson as he is about to slaughter his sixth person. Blackwood is given the punishment of being hanged, and John Watson confirms his demise.

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Nevertheless, Blackwood unexplainably makes a comeback from the dead, and Sergeant Lestrade calls in Sherlock Holmes to assist Scotland Yard in their inquiry. While Sherlock receives a visitation from his old flame Irene Adler, who is on a mission, Dr. Watson plans to wed the stunning Mary Morstan.

• Viewers can watch Sherlock Holmes on the Prime streaming site.

36. Murder On The Orient Express (2017)

Hercule Poirot, the renowned goateed Belgian detective, travels back to London aboard the opulent Orient Express with a diverse group of first-class passengers while daydreaming about finding balance in life. Poirot’s joy, though, is regrettably fleeting. The eager investigator will have to find the sly killer hiding among them as murder mars the eagerly anticipated holiday and a huge blizzard clogs the rails, confining the commuters in a small area.

Murder On The Orient Express (2017)

Murder On The Orient Express (2017)

Everyone is now a possibility, regardless if they want it or not, which forces Poirot to employ his extraordinary skills and experience to crack the case. The meticulous detective has a history, but can it stay true to it? Can Poirot unravel the truth behind the Orient Express tragedy?

• Viewers can watch murder on the Orient Express on the Hotstar streaming site.

37. The Nice Guys (2016)

Jackson Healy works as a type of personal detective in Los Angeles during the 70s. He is the person you contact if you want to deliver a violent warning to anyone.

The Nice Guys (2016)

The Nice Guys (2016)

The more legitimate and traditional Holland March takes on cases, including finding unsolved cases and similar things. When adult film actress Misty Mountains perishes in a vehicle accident, their destinies meet. March is employed by Misty’s auntie since she thinks Misty remains living. Their inquiries take them to Amelia, a lovely girl, and a vast conspiracy.

• Viewers can watch The Nice Guys on the Prime streaming site.

38. Knives Out (2019)

Except for the enigmatic and mysterious murder of the famous murder-mystery author Harlan Thrombey, nothing else could spoil the extravagant birthday celebration at his opulent house. However, the enigmatic investigator, Benoit Blanc, isn’t sure. The keen blade in the silver-haired victim’s palm is a telltale sign that something, or somebody, had been worrying Harlan. All sights are on the ultimate reward: Harlan’s beautiful inheritance.

Knives Out (2019)

Knives Out (2019)

More than one person of the renowned writer’s immediate relatives has thus far been sparing with the information as Blanc strives to cast light on a convoluted jumble of half-baked clues and small white lies. Can Benoit solve this mysterious crime before another person perishes as well?

• Viewers can watch Knives Out on the Prime streaming site.

39. Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows (2011)

Dr. John Watson’s impending marriage will terminate their relationship, so a dejected Sherlock Holmes spends his days looking into Professor James Moriarty’s plots. The Watsons are a valid card for Moriarty’s revenge against the sleuth, so Holmes must intervene to rescue them and engage John in one more case.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

They achieve this by joining Madame Simza Heron, a Roma woman, in her search for Renee, the vanished sibling, who could hold the secret to stopping Moriarty. The destiny of all of the Continent is at stake in the trio’s involvement in a perilous global plot, which is being orchestrated by the Napoleonic Emperor of Crime.

• Viewers can watch Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows on the Prime streaming site.

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