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The Evolution Championship Series, or more commonly known as the EVO series, is an annual esports focused on video game fighting. EVO introduced the MultiVersus bracket this year as it featured a variety of video games. Since MultiVersus has gained quite a reputation in the community, it will be fun to see players go up against each other. There will be different teams using their skills and characters. So, everything about the MultiVersus bracket, including the schedule and steam for EVO 2022.

MultiVersus Bracket at EVO 2022 Championship

The MultiVersus Open beta tournament continues EVO 2022 Championship. There is 256 teams two players competing for the prize fund is $100,000. That’s the total 434 players or participants. Considering MultiVersus is a newly launched open beta, that’s a pretty big number. Some notable players included MKLeo, Chavo, SonicFox, It’s empty, Honey-bee, NYChrisG, and more join the fray. Along with a $100,000 prize fund Astro Game would also give MultiVersus themed headset and PlayStation controller for top three teams.

multiversus bracket in evo

When is the MultiVersus Tournament (Schedule)

MultiVersus open beta tournament has started August 5 and it will end August 6 yes, yes Mandalay Bay Events in Las Vegas. For this championship first 32 qualifying teams will start on August 6. EVO’s official Twitter the account tweeted that “Waves and seeds for the MultiVersus Open Beta Tournament at #Evo2022 are now available!“. For more information on the bracket and players, here is the link to get all the updates.

How to stream MultiVersus EVO 2022

towards EVO’s Twitch account if you want to watch live EVO Championship. With such big numbers, this tournament could go on for a long time.

That’s all about the EVO 2022 Multiversus bracket. If you liked this guide, check out more guides in our dedicated section MultiVersus here at Gamer Tweak.

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