Warzone players criticized the “very disappointing” removal of Plunder in Reloaded Season 4.

Warzone players criticized the "very disappointing" removal of Plunder in Reloaded Season 4.

Warzone players have criticized Raven and Activision for removing Plunder from Game Royale, calling it “very disappointing” and claiming it should be permanent.

Call of Duty’s Warzone, like other battle royale games of its size, benefits from the inclusion of Limited Time Modes (LTMs) that diversify the gameplay on offer.

One of the most prominent LTMs in Warzone is Plunder, a mode that revolves around collecting cash in the middle of a massive battle.

However, in Reloaded Season 4, it is removed from the game again. While we expect to see it return in the near future, fans have expressed their frustration with the mode and are calling for it to be made permanent.

Warzone fans are calling for Plunder to return in Reloaded Season 4

Raven has said before that they’re wary of having too many LTMs at once, so it’s only natural that certain options rotate in and out. Despite such a dedicated playerbase in Plunder, many players are disappointed.

Redditor Eighty FPS simply stated that Plunder should be “permanent” in Warzone, saying, “I hate it when I come home from work and think about having fun playing Warzone… and Plunder isn’t even on the list “No streaming. There are people who just want to relax. If programming is reading this, please keep Plunder on the playlist.”

There were several other posts about this, all with hundreds of upvotes.

Another called it “very disappointing” and echoed the sentiment that standard BR modes are taken much more seriously by the players who play them. Loot, however, offers a more casual experience and caters to those looking to play with their feet.

A Third He noted the situation and joked that if they logged in they would shut down Warzone and Plunder wasn’t even an option.

It’s certainly a balance that developers have to strike, with too many playlists leading to confusion and dividing the player base. However, loot, according to many, should always make the cut.

Raven hasn’t responded to the criticism, but we expect to see the popular rotation mode return in the near future. Whether it will be permanent or not is another matter.

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