The five best shotguns in Fortnite

The five best shotguns in Fortnite

Shotguns are a weapon option in Fortnite that can deal incredible damage at short range and take advantage of situations where players are forced to close together. Fortunately, the shrinking eye of the storm at the end of the battle royale gives the shotgun a very important use, as most rounds are determined by the aim of your shotgun. Some shotguns perform better than others in these high-risk situations.

1. Dubbing

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Dub, an odd variant of the double-barreled shotgun, uses some unique mechanics that can make it as much a situational tool as it is a weapon. While statistically identical to the legendary Double Barrel Shotgun variant, The Dub has a knockback effect that applies to both the user and the target when fired. While this may not seem like much on paper, the uses of this kickback in close and late game situations can be the deciding factor in who wins and who loses.

With the eye of the storm closed, The Dub’s smash hit can force the player back into the storm, dealing additional damage on top of its incredibly high damage output at close range. Dub can also cause fall damage if its explosion is used to knock down targets on tall buildings and structures. If you fire the Dub, you can cancel the blow to yourself by crouching, keeping yourself safe while your opponents are down.

This does not mean that the automatic knockdown is not an advantage of this weapon. Shooting yourself on the back with The Dub can propel yourself forward, and shooting downwards can launch you up with a super jump. You can use these mechanics to fight the other player before they have a chance to start building around them.

2. Pump shotgun

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The Pump Shotgun is considered by many to be the “old reliable” weapon for winning the later stages of Fortnite Battle Royale. An accurate close-range burst from the pump can average between 90 and 130 damage per shot, with a point shot from the Legendary hitting 185 damage. It can quickly wipe out even the most heavily armored opponents in just two or three shots.

3. Double shot shotgun

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Double-Shot Shotgun In its semi-automatic firing style, while almost identical to the pump shotgun in terms of damage output, the Double-Shot Shotgun fires its two loaded rounds with a single click. At close range, and in a perfect world where all bullets from both shots connect without the target going off course, a double burst from Two-Shot will do over 140 damage.

This damage is more theoretical than real, as achieving 100% accuracy with both hits against a skilled player is much easier said than done. Also keep in mind that the faster firing rate of the Two-Shot will increase the amount of time you spend reloading during combat. These negatives place it slightly below the all-purpose pump shotgun consistency.

4. Prime shotgun

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Prime Shotgun is a shotgun that deals 50% more damage on just the first shot of a magazine. Where a normal shot from Prime can do an average of 75-95 damage at close range, a precision prime shot can do over 110 damage.

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Although gimmicky in its special effects, the Prime Shotgun can be effective at the start of fights where first-shot accuracy is involved. A massive, spot-on 140 damage Meatshot to start the fight might scare your opponent into playing cautiously, allowing you to play as aggressively as possible. Additionally, an accurate first shot from Prime’s gun can be converted to another weapon, which can potentially be another first shot from another Prime.

5. Heavy shotgun

Image via Epic Games

This new remake of an old semi-automatic shotgun fires an accurate, long-range slug instead of the expected buckshot scatter. Capable of consistently dealing over 100 damage per shot at medium range, this heavy shotgun is boosted by a 1.75 headshot damage factor. This makes the Heavy Shotgun one of the few weapons in its class that rewards accuracy with faster takedowns.

You may be wondering why this shotgun ranks so low among its contemporaries. This is mostly due to its use, as shotguns are more easily used to sweep close range engagements – an area where the heavy shotgun needs accuracy. While its base damage may be significant for a shotgun at range, other types of weapons, such as sniper rifles, are much more effective at dealing long-range damage.

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