The FBI confirms that the Brett Kavanagh investigation was a complete sham

The FBI confirms that the Brett Kavanagh investigation was a complete sham

THE WHITE HOUSE: As you know, we are now entering the fourth year of a frustrating saga that began with a letter in August 2019 from me and the senator. Chris Koons, Regarding Kavanagh’s supplemental background check. And I would like to try to bring this to an end. First, is it true that after Kavanaugh’s tips were separated from normal tip line traffic, they were sent to White House counsel without investigation?

Ray: I apologize in advance that this has been frustrating for you. We have tried to make our process transparent. So when it came to the tip line, we wanted to make sure the White House had all the information we had. So when hundreds of calls came in, we collected them, reviewed them, and gave them to the White House—

White House: No research?

Vote [long pause]: We checked them and then provided them with –

White House: You checked them in order to isolate them from the main traffic, but You didn’t look further into the Cavanaugh stuff, did you?

Wray: Right.

Whitehouse: Is that also true of supplementary BI? [background investigation], Did the FBI receive guidance from the White House on who the FBI should question, and what questions the FBI could even ask?

Ray: So, It is true That’s consistent with the long-term trend that we’ve been following through at least the Bush administration, the Obama administration, the Trump administration, and we’re currently following under the Biden administration, in a limited supplemental BI, we accept. Guidance from the requesting entity, which in this case was the White House, on what follow-up they want. This is the path we have followed. It’s a path we’ve followed consistently over the decades, to be honest. You specifically about The World Health Organization And what

Whitehouse: Yeah. I said right?

Wray: That’s right The World Health Organization. I’m not sure, as I sit here, if that’s true about “what questions” either, but it’s true about this. The World Health Organization We interviewed


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