MultiVersus One Frame Thread Latency (Explained)

multiversus one frame thread lag

MultiVersus Player is an action-platform video game by First Games & WB Interactive. It features many iconic characters from various franchises. While the hype for this game continues to build, it also has a lot of unique mechanics and settings. One graphics parameter that has caught the attention of the community is single-frame thread delay. But most players are confused about turning it on or off. So here’s everything about single-frame thread lag in MultiVersus and how it affects your gameplay.

What is One Frame Thread Lag in MultiVersus

This is a graphical setting that suggests more FPS to the players. But enabling a frame thread delay can also result Input delay during the game. While it’s an amazing setting to boost performance, you can’t afford input lag during important matches. This includes matches ranked matches or Career ranked matches. Enabling this setting may prevent you combo attacks. You wouldn’t want an input lag during a fight Bruiser Batman-like character, right? Because he has a couple of little things concessions and combinations. So, if you are looking for a peak gaming experience, uncheck this setting. towards Main Menu > Settings > Graphics > Uncheck One Frame thread delay.

Image source – Kephren on YouTube.

On the contrary, with the players minimum requirements or one old system can enable this setting. Because it offers additional FPS. This can help you for a smooth and seamless experience. you can also see our guide on best graphics and game settings for better FPS and performance.

Frame Data Out

There are several players in the community who are looking for the frame data of all characters including their hitboxes. But unlike games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate Frame information For Multiversus it’s not out yet. Although there are some players in MultiVerus The Reddit community already started pulling the data, some don’t want to disturb the Devs. So, we may have to wait a while until Frame Data for MultiVersus is officially released.

We’ll update this guide as soon as we get word or as more information comes to light.

This is all covered by one frame of thread delay in MultiVersus. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides Attack Decay, Knockback Strikeand Rest XP In Gamer Tweak in MultiVersus.

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