How to solve problem with getting Hero List

how to fix retrieving hero list in diablo 3

Diablo 3 is a hack and slash action RPG game by Blizzard Entertainment. Ten years after its release, the game is still popular among the public. But since this is an online multiplayer video game, you can expect some bugs and issues to appear. Recently, some players have been having trouble getting their hero list. We have compiled some potential methods to solve this problem. Here’s our guide on how to fix the hero list recovery problem in Diablo 3.

How to fix stuck on getting Hero List in Diablo 3

fixed an issue with the hero list in diablo 3

Below are some potential ways to solve this problem:

Clean the Agent Process

This is a correction to a published one Reddit communities. Follow these steps:

  • When you are stuck on the hero list, press the button Alt + Tab button.
  • Click now CTRL + Shift + Esc buttons to start Task manager.
  • choose Agent select the process from the list and select the End task option.

While for some players this method worked on the first try, some players were able to solve the problem on the third or fourth try. Regardless, if this method didn’t work for you, try the next potential fix.

Check your internet connection

  • Constant and consistent communication is necessary.
  • For a seamless experience, we suggest using an Ethernet connection rather than Wireless.
  • However, if you are using a Wireless connection, we suggest resetting your router or other network devices.

Update your graphics drivers

Follow these steps:

  • hit Boil or Start button and search Device manager.
  • Expand or double-click Display Adapters choice.
  • Then, right click on you Graphics driver and select Driver update choice.

This method will automatically update your drivers latest version.

Check for Windows Update

one of the methods in Blizzard articles suggested updating your operating system to fix any compatibility issues.

  • So, check that Windows is updated to the latest version.
  • Go to Windows Settings and select the Windows Update tile in your left pane.
  • Then choose Check for updates choice.

Temporarily disable Security Programs

  • Your escape antivirus programs or Windows firewall may interfere with other running software or applications.
  • Although these security programs protect your device from malware or viruses, you can do it temporarily disable it they are.
  • Then launch Diablo 3 to check if the problem persists.

Reinstall Diablo 3

  • If none of the resorts work, we suggest reinstalling the game.
  • First of all, delete it game and upload again.
  • Launch Diablo 3 to check if the problem persists.

This is all about how to solve the problem of restoring the hero list in Diablo 3. If you liked this guide, check out our other article. Video Game Guides here at Gamer Tweak.

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