How to open the door to the outside in chapter 12

how to open the door to the outside in stray chapter 12

villain It’s an adventure game created by BlueTwelve Studio where you walk through a Cyber ​​City inhabited by Robots. You play as a Stray Cat, going on an adventure and completing Objectives. As you near the end of the game in Chapter 12, you’ll find yourself at a Train Station. From there, you only need to go to the exit and leave to see the desert. But there is a door between you and your Freedom. I will show you in this guide How To Open The Door To The Outside In Stray Chapter 12.

How to open the door to the outside in chapter 12

When you get out train, you will have to walk up to exit of the station. Once you get there, you will find a locked Door and you will have to open it. To whom Stray Chapter 12 Open The Door Outyou have to go Control room. The Control Room is locked and you will need it to open it Activate the robot in front of the Control Room. Now take the robot cut the designated area and disconnect the Door Wires from the Electrical Panel.

Activation of the main computer

After entering the Control Room, go straight into the room Main computer at the end of the room and Check it out. Then you will have to Activate the Computers queue in front from the Main Computer to crack it. All you have to do Work on Keyboards in computer rows. This should activate all the Computers and the Main Computer should be hackable.

Solving the puzzle

After hacking the host computer, you see that Roof control is locked. To unlock it you will have to Find 3 computers with yellow locks on their screens. Go to each computer and access their Dashboard. Their Panels are also hidden board or behind Panel Doors. Access the panel and cut the wires. After hacking each Panel, B12 will hack the System. After the third, Get B12 to Workstation.

After doing so, the roof of the space will open and the door to the Outer World will open. Now go to the Door and you’re out in the Outer World. It was about Opening the Door to the Outside in Chapter 12. We hope this guide helped you. You can also check out our other guides How to open the apartment door In Stray.

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