Commonwealth Championship players have slammed the “failed” sporting competition

Commonwealth Championship players have slammed the "failed" sporting competition

A Dota player representing Wales has spoken out about the shortcomings of the Commonwealth Championship.

Birmingham, England, hosts the inaugural Commonwealth Games Championships from August 6-7. These tournaments include e-football, Dota 2 and Rocket League. All three titles have matches for everyone and a division for women.

Several major eSports leagues have recently come under fire for their competitive conditions. The CoD community has slammed the organizers of the Call of Duty Challengers Finals 2022 event for setting up a “shameful” local network.

Overwatch Contenders teams refused to play after a competitive ruling ended a match early due to Blizzard’s miscommunication.

Both cases were examples of important issues in eSports. The Commonwealth Championship is the latest example of an event not meeting players’ expectations.


PGL Dota 2 Arlington Major 2022 is the last chance for many teams to collect DPC points and qualify for TI.

Dota 2 player criticizes Commonwealth Championship

double player, Dai, came out of retirement and represented Wales at the Commonwealth Championships. Unfortunately, the tournament did not go through as Team Dye only played the top two games.

Only five of the eight Dota 2 teams were present, making it a short-lived event.

Dai He tweeted“We just wanted to play more Dota. We’re a little incomplete from a Dota standpoint.”

Both matches took place before the opening ceremony, adding insult to injury. Dye was proud to represent his country, but the retired player “loves the competition” and wishes he could have had more chances.

The boys worked hard and deserved more than we got.

Dye gave a shout out to the Esports Wales staff for inviting him and wished the remaining teams the best of luck for the rest of the event.

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