Andy Cohen Calls ‘Nightmare’ Real Housewife a ‘Disaster’

Andy Cohen Calls 'Nightmare' Real Housewife a 'Disaster'


Andy Cohen

Lisa Rinna admitted her negative behavior on social media this week, telling Andy Cohen she knows she’s having a “nightmare” after he accused her of being a “disaster.” The reality star appeared on Watch What Happens Live this week and dived in with Cohen after saying, “There are so many questions, I don’t even know where to start.”

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star said she hadn’t been with WWHL long, to which Cohen responded, “I know, and you’ve caused yourself a lot of trouble. Social media man…”

“I know,” Rina answered immediately. I’m so messed up, damn, I’m a mess. Cohen didn’t hesitate to call the RHOBH star, saying she was a “disaster” and then a “double disaster.” Rina answered:

Call me it’s me, right? I was, Andy, I was just a nightmare, that’s all I can tell you. I’ve been a nightmare, I know it, I admit it. I’ve tried to fix it as much as I can…I’m fully aware that I’m a mess right now, I’m just a mess. So let’s hope it gets better.

Cohen was a little skeptical of Reina’s answer, telling her, “Let’s hope,” before adding, “You know what’s funny? It’s all in your hands. It’s all under your control.” He replied: I know!

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Rina has previously apologized for some of her mean comments on social media and said she is still grieving the loss of her mother.

Reena recently took to Instagram to apologize for some of her behavior on social media, telling her followers that she is still mourning the death of her mother, Louise, who died in November 2021 at the age of 93. The RHOBH episode covering this period aired earlier this summer and showed Rayna trying to cope with her mother’s death after a stroke.

“I’ve been going through a really tough time, I think you can see how much it’s hit me,” she wrote on Instagram. PersonsTranscript, as the post will now be deleted. “I’m sorry if I got mad at you – it’s really none of your business.”

“I never thought I would feel this way. “I really thought grief meant sadness and pain, but it’s so much more.” I’m really struggling, never thought it would be like this but here it is. Losing my mother hit me hard. Thank you for your patience with me. I know it’s not easy for me to have warm fuzzies right now, but I’ll get through it and hopefully come out the other side stronger and better. Thank you for your support and love. I appreciate it very much.”

Reina made controversial comments in June and faced accusations of racism

The Bravo star took heat with her fans after she took to Instagram to comment on her disagreement with her co-star Garcel Bova. RHOBH’s first Black Housewife Beauvais said Season 12 newcomer Dianna Jenkins was “illiterate” after Jenkins made a comment on Instagram about a Black woman. Today It has been reported.

In her Instagram story (before deleting the next post), Rina wrote: “We fight on our show, when we fight with Garcel suddenly they call us racists. These are the police*** I don’t accept it. I myself I will express it whenever and however I want and I am not afraid of you.

She then lashed out at Bravo’s new show, The Real Housewives of Dubai, writing: “And if you’re so turned on by our show and so many of you like it, check out Dubai.” Several RHODubai stars attacked Rinna for making the call, as Chanel Ayan wrote: “Africa called and they want their lips back! Keep Dubai out of your mess and mouth.” Carolyn Brooks wrote: “Keep your posts and aggression directed at the women on your show. Take it easy, Reena! Your words/posts are inconsiderate and disrespectful.”

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