A Wimberley couple recounts what it was like to evacuate amid the fire

Wimberley couple shares what it was like to evacuate amid wildfire

The Kaczenski family has lived in the River Mountain Ranch area for more than a decade.

WIMBERLEY, Texas – The Kaczynskis lived in the River Mountain Ranch area for 11 years, but Wednesday night the Hermosa Fire threatened everyone.

“We could have lost everything that night,” Susie Kaczynski said.

“I got to the point where I said, ‘I want it all, but I’m not going to accept any of it because we don’t have time,'” said Doug Kaczynski.

The Kachenskis were ready to say goodbye to 30 years of memories.

“We didn’t have a lot of time, but we just realized that we need important documents, we need house titles, car titles,” Susie Kaczynski said.

They left, not knowing if everything they left behind would be there when they returned.

“We were so worried and scared the first night because we didn’t know. We just went and stayed at the Wimberley Inn,” said Susie Kaczynski.

But through the uncertainty, the Kaczynskis had one thing – gratitude.

“One of the guys who’s an assistant fire chief was here for 36 hours straight, running and coordinating activities right at the beginning of where the fire got to,” said Doug Kaczynski. “These guys did a fantastic job.” ”

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