Tua Tagovailoa and his wife Annah Gore’s secret wedding surprises NFL fans

Tua Tagovailoa and his wife Annah Gore's secret wedding surprises NFL fans

Congratulations to Miami Dolphins quarterback Toa Tagovailoa who recently secretly married Anna Gore.

While some Finnish fans had heard the news a few weeks ago, for many who expressed their surprise on Twitter, it was brand new information.

Toa also talked about her secret marriage in her latest media interaction and expressed her displeasure over the revelation of this news.

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Tua Tagovailoa is married to wife Anna Concetta Gore

The 24-year-old quietly married North Carolina native Anna Gore in July.

The couple tied the knot on July 18 during the off-season in Davie, Fla., Broward County Clerk of Court records show. Received from Outkick. The couple tied the knot just 10 days before the start of Dolphins training camp.

Fox Sports personality Andy Slater It also revealed, citing a clerical source, that Toa got married to Anna in July.

Toa and Anna both attended the University of Alabama.

Like her husband, Anna is a very private person. It has your Instagram account 930 followers, but private. Meanwhile he Facebook account says He currently lives in Richmond, Virginia.

Miami Dolphins fan comments on his wedding

Toa is not very happy about the news of her marriage being published in the virtual space.

On Wednesday, August 3 The third-year quarterback spoke to reporters at the training camp and said it was “almost disrespectful” that the information was leaked.

“Thank you, yeah, it was very special,” the NFL star told the reporter who congratulated him on his marriage.

I don’t know who finally leaked it, but they must have been waiting outside the courthouse for a week or so.

I mean, I like to keep my life as private as possible and that’s what we’ve tried to do with me, my wife, and my day-to-day life. But it is clear that this is not the case in this world.

It’s almost disrespectful to do so, but it is what it is. Nothing can be done about it. I have a wife.”

Tua Tagovailoa’s wedding news surprised NFL fans

Many fans expressed their surprise on Twitter after learning about Toa and Anna’s marriage.

“He’s married. Wow,” wrote a shocked fan

“FR Tua married? Let’s go,” Another fan said.

Jimmy Butler and Tua are the best athletes who hide their private lives. No fans tweeted

“You have a wife, wtf” Another fan said who could not believe this news.

Many others congratulated the Dolphins’ third-year quarterback.

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https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2022/08/04/tua-tagovailoa-and-wife-annah-gores-secret-marriage-surprises-nfl-fans/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=tua -Taguailoa-and-wife-Anna-Gore-marriage-series-surprise-nfl-fans Tua Tagovailoa and his wife Anna Gore Anna Gore’s secret wedding surprised NFL fans.

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