How to get Renamon in Digimon Survive (Recruitment Guide)

How to get Renamon in Digimon Survive (Recruitment Guide)

In Digimon Survive, you can get the Renamon Pet Digimon with a golden fox design. This is an important Monster that will be very useful when you bring it to your team. The way to do this is to find him in battle and talk to him. But it won’t be easy, because a wrong answer will mean that Digimon won’t join. So let’s check how to recruit Renamon in Digimon Survive in this guide.

How to get Renamon in Digimon Survive

digimon survive and recruit renamon

To recruit Renamo, you must answer her questions correctly. Advance the story until part 6 of the game, then you can find it in Shadow encounters or Free Battles.

  1. Start the battle and take your main partners to it.
  2. Next, main Use the Speak option during your Partner’s turn.
  3. Renamon can ask you any of these questions, so here are the correct answers for them.
    • First question: Sometimes you have to act on emotion instead of logic, right?
    • Second question: What would you do if someone told you something you believed was wrong?
    • Third question: How would you handle it if your friend was causing trouble?
    • Fourth question: Looking at innocent monsters really puts your heart at ease, doesn’t it?
    • Fifth question: I would like to avoid a pointless fight if possible…
    • Sixth question: Is it such a crime to ask for some quiet time?
    • Renamon can ask you any 3 of these 6 questions. Try to guess the correct answers, and if you accidentally get them wrong, you can always pause the game and select Try Again. This will allow you to restart the battle from the beginning.
  4. After answering correctly, you will recruit Renamo.

owing to Hungry Geeks for sharing the answers to the above questions.

Renamon plays an important role in the story, especially if you want to Buy Omegamon in this game.

That wraps up this guide on how to get Renamon in Digimon Survive. If you want to add more Digimon to your team, check out our guides How to get Gazimo, How to get MetalGreymonand How to get Greymon. Check them out if you plan to upgrade them how to get evolution items and list of all Digimon In Digimon Survive.

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