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Nikolai Mayo

Nikolai Mayo has been identified in prison records as the man accused of stabbing a 17-year-old boy and injuring four others while swimming in Wisconsin’s Apple River.

Authorities have not named Mayo as a suspect. However, jail records list his age as 52 (the suspect’s age), his arrest date as July 30, 2022, and the charges related to the incident. On Facebook, Mayo, who goes by the name Nick Mayo, wrote posts advocating for gun control. Share one It was written: “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” His profile picture is the American flag.

Mayo is charged with one count of first degree murder, four counts of aggravated assault and four counts of aggravated assault. According to online records, he lives in Prior Lake, Minnesota. Heavy contacted the St. Croix County Jail to obtain Miu’s public photo, which jail officials said would be released in a press release.

Nicholas Mayo

St. Croix PrisonNikolai Mayo

“Everyone was smart,” including the victims and the suspects. They “went down the Apple River at the same time,” St. Croix County Sheriff Scott Knudson said in a July 30, 2022, letter. Press conference.

A 52-year-old man from Minnesota is in custody of the St. Croix County Sheriff’s Department. wrote in a press release And the sheriff confirmed. The suspect’s name and motive have not yet been released.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Mio, who lives in Minnesota, is a married man who works as an engineer

WATCH: Authorities provide update on fatal stabbing in Apple RiverAuthorities are releasing more information after one person was killed and four others were stabbed in Apple River. Welcome to the official YouTube channel. KARE News 11. Subscribe to our channel for compelling and dramatic storytelling, award-winning research, breaking news and actionable information. »…2022-07-30T23:47:37Z

According to his Facebook pageMayo, who works as Nick Mayo at Ritchie, attended Robbinsdale-Armstrong High School, studied mechanical engineering at South Dakota State University, lives in Prior Lake, Minnesota and is originally from Bloomington, Minnesota. He is married.

According to a cache of an old LinkedIn page, he works as a design engineer.

The suspect was in a group of six to eight people and the victims were in another group. Authorities wanted to question 15 to 20 people, the sheriff said. Authorities are not sure what caused the incident.

“We found five people suffering from stab wounds,” Knudson said. Four people were taken to the hospital. One person has died. The four surviving victims are three men and one woman. The police station of the city did not have a homeland.

The Pipeline District is located in Somerset, Wisconsin. Knudson called it “messy, scary.” I’m sure anyone who witnessed this will never forget it. “It’s a tragedy and I’m really sorry for the families.”

According to Travel Wisconsin, “The Apple River is a 77.5-mile tributary of the St. Croix River. Builders in and around Somerset offer rentals and transportation for this popular river tubing. The first half of the trip consists of a leisurely family swim. The last half offers a wild rapids area for the more adventurous and a trail along the side for the less adventurous.

2. Miu shared an important post about gun control two days before the mass shooting

Nicholas Mayo

FacebookPosted by Nick Miu

Mayo’s top post On Facebook, it showed a man, a woman and a small child pointing long guns. “It’s family time and gun control at the same time. “Repost because the communists on Facebook will cover it up and delete it.” He shared the post on July 28, 2022.

He shared a post in March 2020 that read: “I believe in the right to keep and bear arms. One Facebook user asked all gun owners to put this on their wall. The United States Supreme Court has confirmed that the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental human right. If you believe in the second amendment and aren’t afraid to show it, repost this!! “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

One woman wrote in the comments thread: “Quality family time? Like when an innocent 17 year old gets stabbed to death while enjoying innocent Saturday fun by the river!? Wow.”

On July 21, 2022, Miu shared the photos of boating on Prior Lake and wrote, “Have fun at Prior Lake…so busy! … good times with our friends…”

“You stabbed my two nephews and their two friends for trying to protect the younger kids you were after,” one woman wrote in the comments thread. I hope you rot in prison!”

He also posted on Twitter that the Republican account was suspended for challenging Republican Rep. Ilhan Omar. The post asked “Patriots” to share it again. Nick Mayo also shared a critical post about Bernie Sanders, in which former US presidents Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are in prison.

Nikolai Mayo's post

FacebookA post on Nick Mayo’s Facebook page.

“Corona won’t last long because it’s made in China,” said another.

3. The sheriff says: The suspect left the scene after the stabbing

The police station said: The suspect left the scene after stabbing. It took a long time for authorities to “get on top of it,” the sheriff said, adding that the stabbings happened near the Sunrise Bridge in “old Sunrise Park.”

The representatives came and with the help of other people and the “nodals” began to carry out life-saving operations and evacuation of people. He said the people suffered “a series of stab wounds”.

The surviving victims are all in their early 20s. A perimeter was established and mutual aid was requested, the sheriff said. Authorities located the suspect with the help of witnesses and he was taken into custody without incident.

The victims were injured in the upper body and body. Authorities are searching the area for the knife. The sheriff said someone took a photo of the suspect. Knudson said it may have been 15 years since a stabbing in the area. “I don’t know what to think about that,” he said.

“I’d rather not speculate about today’s milestone,” Knudson said.

The suspect was not previously known to authorities. One victim was “pedestrian injured,” but all victims had serious injuries, the sheriff’s office said.

4. According to authorities, there is no other threat to the public

In a written statement, the St. Croix County Sheriff’s Department said:

Please be aware that the St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office has responded to a critical incident on the Apple River in Somerset Township. Five people were injured with stab wounds and are currently in serious to serious condition. A suspect has been identified and taken into custody, there is no further threat to the public. We are still actively investigating this incident. The names of the victims and suspects are withheld at this time. Sheriff Knudson will issue an official press release at a later date.

Thank you to the following agencies and our partners for their support: Somerset Police Department, New Richmond Police Department, WI DNR, Oak Park Heights Police Department, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Polk County Sheriff’s Department, Lakeview EMS and Somerset Fire and Rescue.

5. “My heart is breaking,” wrote a woman whose son was there.

People expressed their shock In the police department Comment topic

“This is very rare for our area here. There should be more to this story. Going for apples is not necessary and usually not dangerous. “It’s good everyone’s work to end the madness, but let’s not let this become an ongoing trend in our absolutely beautiful village.” A woman wrote.

Another woman wrote: “My son was there, luckily he answered right away. He had already left when the incident happened. I was in a nightmare until I heard his voice. My heart goes out to the family of the deceased.”

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