Hearthstone Murder At Castle Nathria release date and time

That Killing the Heartstone in Natria Castle The release date for the expansion is set for this week and will include the next generation of maps and keywords that will be added to the game in the summer of 2022.

New features will also be part of the big update, not to mention 135 new cards that will be available to collect and use on the battlefields.

And it won’t be long before fans are building new decks and exploring new card combinations to find out what the August 2022 meta will look like.

Heart stone Tour master: Vashjir follower



Heart stone Tour master: Vashjir follower






When is the release date of The Hearthstone Castle Nathria?

The release date and time of Hearthstone Murder At Castle Nathria is set for Tuesday, August 2, 2022.

The game is expected to update first in North America at 10:00am local time, with the first players in the UK getting the update at 6:00pm BST the same day.

It should be noted that as with previous expansions, launch times are expected to vary by region and platform. PC players in North America will be the first to play the Castle Nathria expansion, while mobile users on iOS and Android will be close behind. Updates may also take longer depending on how loaded the servers in the EU and other countries around the world are, meaning that the DLC may not arrive for some until August 3rd.

No maintenance is scheduled for Hearthstone’s servers, but players should wait for more news from Blizzard about their schedule for the game’s next expansion.

According to this official Blizzard extension descriptionSer Denatreus was murdered after inviting 10 of his peers and enemies to a dinner party at Nathria’s castle in the Shadowlands in order to gain access to sinister rumors of an accumulation of anima, the vital energy drained from suffering souls. He is used to handling. The land of shadows with energy

Another message explained: “But shortly after the feast began, Sir Denatreus was found dead! It seems that a group of enemies does not make a good dinner party. Now the famous Morlock Holmes and his faithful companion Watfin are called to solve this case. Explore new location maps, follow the trail of injected minions, interrogate 10 legendary suspects and help uncover the perpetrators of the murders at Natria Castle.

As part of the new expansion that adds over 100 new cards to the game, each class will have a legendary minion that is considered the prime suspect in the murder of Sire Denathrius. A new keyword is also added to the game where cards with the Infuse keyword gain the ability to absorb anima from your friendly minions upon death. Once the total is reached, the Infuse card will become a better version, and this will be the only way to unlock its final form.

The new location card type will launch on August 2nd along with all other changes, offering powerful effects to those who activate them and are ready to receive rewards. Each activation costs a lifetime and each class receives a map of their location in Natria Castle.

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