Where was a splash of love filmed? Cast histories and locations

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A spark of love

Hallmark Channel’s newest movie, A Splash of Love, premieres Saturday, July 30 at 8:00 PM ET/7:00 PM Central. This movie stars Rhiannon Fish and Benjamin Hollingsworth. Read on to find out where the film was shot and the actors involved.

A Splash of Love was filmed in Canada

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A spark of love‘ is Hallmark’s newest summer romance, and it features some truly stunning footage from the crew.

According to director Heather Hawthorne Doyle Instagram post Featuring a quaint restaurant (embedded below), it was filmed in the Squamish-Lillouet regional area of ​​British Columbia. This restaurant named MOUNTAIN WOMAN is located on the British coast in the regional area.

It makes sense that the movie was shot there, as it takes place in the “Pacific Northwest,” according to Hallmark’s synopsis. The film is about a graduate student who wants to learn more about the whales of this particular area.

Squamish-Lillouet Regional Unit in British Columbia Included Four neighborhoods: Lillooet, Pemberton, Whistler and Squamish. You probably know Whistler best because it’s here In 2010, the Olympic Games were held.

This area of ​​Canada is absolutely stunning! The county, located right in the Rocky Mountains, was the setting for some stunning footage that Hawthorne Doyle shared on social media. His Instagram profile revealed that he spent many hours scouting locations for the film and really enjoyed the experience.

He was also quick to share the filming locations on Instagram as the film began shooting.

Hawthorne Doyle It is known as Signs like Romance to the Rescue and two Godwink Christmas movies.

He continued working on the film earlier this month, remixing some of the audio for the feature, as he shared in the post below.

He said he was “extremely proud” of the film.

In the post above, she wrote: “One Saturday with this movie coming out I’m so proud of it! A love story not just between @rhiannonmfish and @hollingsworthb… I wanted a love story about the Pacific Northwest from the start as well as the landscape. Be Our Beautiful It is also written as a love letter to whales, especially orcas.

Meet the cast

Hallmark’s synopsis for the film reads: “A graduate student extends his studies to the whales of the Pacific Northwest. There, he meets a whale-watching tour guide, and soon they find themselves together for more than just the orcas.”

Rhiannon fish (“The 100”, “Journey of My Heart”) plays Chloe. He shared A photo on Instagram who mentioned the film in April while filming. One person even commented that they saw the sign on the set!

He also shared the trailer for the movie titled “Saturday 30th July 🖤🤍” – black and white hearts, possibly for orcas!

Rhiannon Marie Fish is a Canadian-Australian actress. Her first screen role was as Lisa Jeffries in the TV series Neighbors. He was later cast as Rocky in the Disney Channel Australia show Ringer.

Ben is played by a Canadian actor Benjamin Hollingsworth Hollingsworth is known for shows like Virgin River, Code Black, and Godwink’s Christmas: For Love.

He married Nila Myers in 2012. He has a wife and a husband three children

He recently shared on Instagram that “Virgin River” has returned to the top spot on Netflix, and he was thrilled to share the news.

In the photo below, he shared how proud he is to be a father.

He also shared behind-the-scenes moments from the Hallmark movie with his fans.

“Some days you just have to stand there and try not to get distracted by the background,” she wrote in the following post.

Brad Abramenko, Madeleine Calders, Sean Yves Lessard, Kamanta Naidu, Laura Soltis and Juliana Wimbles also played roles in this film.

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