Tyson Apostol says beating ‘Challenge’ OGs would be ‘Cake Walk’


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Tyson Apostle is a force to be reckoned with on The Challenge: USA and recently had a message for the OG stars of the hit MTV show.

The Survivor champ tweeted on July 22: “To those who compare me to those on the ‘OG’ challenge… a lot of them can bench press better than me, but I do 70-80 or even 90% of the games.” That he destroys, I have. Walk the cake and talk the talk.”

In subsequent responses to fans, Tyson added more to support his claim, making several references to CT Tamborello’s strengths as well as the versatility of Jordan Wiseley and Donanzio’s Johnny Bananas in the finals. “Literally a professional endurance athlete before I retired from racing and pursued easier, less intense races…so!” Tyson explained. The reality star won a swimming scholarship at university and then competed as a professional cyclist.

Tyson asked his doubters to “pay attention” and later added, “I think I have more stamina than anybody that has ever played the game.” “I think it’s you who don’t know me,” Tyson responded to some people who said he probably wasn’t familiar enough with “The Challenge” to make that claim.

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Tyson’s comment also drew responses from other “Challenge” stars

Mark Long, the godfather of the challenge, responded to Tyson with a simple tweet, telling him to “hold my beer.” Tyson replied, “I’ll keep it for you!” Tyson’s Challenge: USA co-star and fellow “Survivor” Danny McCreary responded, “I love confidence! And you are 6’3! Don’t miss it, man!”

Jay Mitchell, who competed in Battle of the Ancients 2 with Jenna Campono, was eliminated from the finals after failing the third inspection, the drinking challenge. “I haven’t been online in 8 years and I’m going to make you my puppy.”

Jay was roasted by fans for his comments and Danny called him back with a crying smiley saying, “I remember you… you’re not a dog.”

Tyson has won 2 challenges so far this season and only 1 of the 2 guys qualified to judge TJ Lavin’s finals.

Tyson is off to a strong start on The Challenge: USA, and after four episodes he is one of only three competitors to have won two challenges. The defending champion won the first two challenges of the season, first against Angela Ramones and then against Justin Ndiba. Tyson and Justin’s win in the second challenge of the season was his most dominant performance yet, as they blew away the competition, creating nine words, and easily walking away with the win.

Tyson’s winning streak also puts him in second place for the most money in his bank account at $11,000, behind Kyland Young, who earned $12,000 thanks to his knockout win. Since players must have at least $5,000 to qualify for the TJ Lavin Finals, Tyson is one of only 5 contestants currently eligible to enter the finals.

“Challenge: USA” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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