Stassi Schroeder named in NeNe Leakes racism lawsuit

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Stassi Schroeder on Bravo TV.

Former “Vanderpump Rules” star Stassi Schroeder, for example, has accused the network of racial discrimination in a lawsuit against NBCUniversal, Bravo and Andy Cohen. Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes filed her lawsuit in federal court earlier this year and is currently fighting to avoid a closed-door arbitration hearing.

In the lawsuit, which you can read here, attorneys for Lex Schroeder and Kristen Dutt cite her fired Vanderpump Rules co-star as an example of how racially offensive behavior and NBC and Bravo’s failure to fix it. Making a mistake and fixing it isn’t unique to the Housewives franchise. “They also intrude on other NBC and Bravo programming,” Leakes’ lawyers wrote in the suit.

According to the lawsuit, “NBC, Bravo and/or True have a history of allowing racially and/or culturally offensive and offensive behavior or statements to go uncorrected. This tolerance for this inappropriate behavior encourages them to continue. On the contrary, it is to provide a workplace or working conditions free from discriminatory and harassing behavior based on race, color, ethnicity or national origin. “In fact, even Bravo has recently been forced to admit that it has allowed racially insensitive behavior by those who work on its shows to go unaddressed for too long and needs to do better in the future.”

Schroeder and Doth were fired in June 2020 after it was revealed that they had reported the show’s first black cast member, Faith Storrs, to the police, charging her with a crime she did not commit, according to her lawsuit. Sort by Both Schroeder and Doth apologized to Stowers after the incident was revealed.

Nene Leakes’ lawyers ask if Andy Cohen and Lisa Vanderpump really wanted to fire Schroeder and Dovet.

Stasi Schroeder Nene published a complaint against racism

Federal Court of JusticeNeNe Leakes’ lawyers used Stassi Schroeder as an example in their lawsuit against Bravo, NBCUniversal and Andy Cohen.

The lawsuit filed by Leakes in federal court in Georgia in April alleges that Bravo has a “historical culture of discrimination,” with a “corporate culture that is insensitive to black talent and encourages racially offensive behavior that goes unreported.” Is.” The lack of diversity in corporate leadership contributes to a corporate culture that is insensitive to black talent.

Leakes’ lawsuit focuses on RHOA and other Real Housewives franchises, but also mentions other Bravo shows, including Vanderpump Rules. Her lawyers wrote: “This is also seen on ‘Vanderpump Rules.’ … In 2015 they tried to diversify by hiring Faith Stowers. But after leaving the show, Storrs publicly stated that as the only black cast member, she felt she was treated differently than the rest of the cast. Among other things, she reported being subjected to racially inappropriate comments, such as her hair being called a “diaper,” and even two white members, Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Dott, falsely reporting to the police that Storrs had committed a crime. they did

“Initially, Bravo did nothing — it did not publicly condemn Schroeder’s or Dovet’s treatment of Ms. Storrs, who was effectively fired from the show,” the lawsuit states. Much later, around June 2020, Bravo terminated Schroeder and Dott’s contract.

Faith Stowers Talks Stassi Shroeder and Kristen Doute’s RacismFormer Vanderpump Rules star Faith Stowers takes to IG to chat with Candace Rice about her former co-stars Stassi Shroder and Kristen Doute falsely claiming that a wanted black woman they saw on the news was Faith. Listen to the mess Read more: Update: Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Dote, Max Boyens and…06-06-2020T05:54:56Z

Leaks’ lawyers write in the lawsuit that the fallout from firing Schroeder and Dott is another example of Bravo’s problems. Even when Bravo claims it is doing the right thing by taking action against employees who engage in racially inappropriate behavior, it does not deny the underlying racially inappropriate behavior and culture in the long run.

The lawsuit quotes Lisa Vanderpump on her podcast as saying, “It was totally wrong of them to do that, but do I think they’re racist? 1000% no… do I think this was a racist act? at all I just think the timing was terrible and stupid and ignorant.

Leakes’ attorneys also cite Cohen’s comments after the shooting: “Andy Cohen similarly indicated he had concerns about the firings, telling The New York Times they were ‘spurt decisions.’ The “moment” of these deportations coincided with the explosion of the Black Lives Matter movement across America in the spring and summer of 2020.

Schroeder wrote about his experience of being “undone” in his new book

Stasi Schroeder

GettyStasi Schroeder

Schroeder wrote about his experience of shooting His last book“Off with my Head: The Definitive Basic Bitch Handbook to Surviving Rock Bottom” According to the Daily Beast, Often refers to “cancellation”.

The Daily Beast’s Kyndall Cunningham wrote of the book, “The best credit I can give it is that Schroeder shows how her behavior was allowed to thrive on a very white show like Vanderpump Rules — and thus her white friend group.” . It received a lot of criticism.” Or as dismissive as Bravo likes to relegate its racial issues to individuals, the network has long created environments where this behavior is not only acceptable, but desirable. Schroeder deliberately does not draw this fact. This is becoming more and more apparent through all their statements and whining about this scandal.

According to Cunningham, Schroeder wrote in the book that she learned about her “unconscious bias,” saying, “While Kristen and I didn’t feel like this situation was about race, because Faith was, and so it was. ” So about race… I was wrong. People just need to understand that this is not about their race. … I’m not saying I deserve sympathy or pity. Again, I know that I am not to blame here.” Stassi Schroeder Named in NeNe Leakes Racism Lawsuit

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