RHONJ alum claims producer told Margaret Josephs to ‘fire’ Luis Ruelas.


Margaret Joseph

Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Margaret Joseph and Teresa Giudice had a falling out during the show’s 12th season. As fans know, Joseph asked Giudice’s fiance Luis “Louie” Ruelas after he came across a video of him begging an unidentified woman. Giudice later claimed that her co-star had spread rumors about Ruelas to bloggers.

When talking to Entertainment Tonight in June 2022, the mother of four mentioned that Joseph has been invited to her upcoming wedding. during a Interview from July 2022 on the podcast behind the velvet rope.Her former RHONJ character Kim DePaola shared her thoughts on the current state of Joseph and Judith’s relationship.

Kim DePaula Discussed by Margaret Joseph

Margaret Joseph

CatchMargaret Joseph of RHONJ.

During an episode of the “Behind The Velvet Rope” podcast, DePaola noted that the cast of “RHONJ” traveled to Ireland to film the show’s 13th season. She claimed Joseph was trying to get close to Giudice in order to keep her spot on the hit Bravo series.

Margaret tries to keep her seat. He goes hand in hand with Teresa. He shakes hands, trying to stay as still as possible. I told you that not many people remain enemies of Teresa. They are scared to death of losing their jobs.

The former “RHONJ” personality shared that she believes Giudice is trying to get closer to Joseph to question her fiancé. DePaola also claimed that producers asked Joseph not to focus on Ruelas because her wedding was being filmed.

“I know Teresa’s motivation because Teresa wants to free her from Luis**. Well, that’s Teresa’s motivation. Like, ‘let me get her off Luis’ a** because she was the one who dropped the ball Now remember, I told you, the producers – and I know this completely, the producers said, ‘Fire Lois so we can have the wedding.’

Teresa Giudice talked about it Margaret Joseph in May 2022

Teresa Judis

GettyTeresa Judis

Giudice discussed her issues with Joseph over the course of a year May 2022 interview with Entertainment Weekly. She indicated that she didn’t think her co-star was really worried about her relationship with Ruelas when he mentioned her abuse allegations.

Margaret always acted like she was worried, but as a true friend, she would stop if she saw you were upset about it. And that was it, I wasn’t trying to hide anything. There is nothing to hide. The RHONJ star explained that from now on, I’m going to let Louie answer everything because there’s nothing to hide.

He mentioned that he plans to speak of Ruelas for himself in Season 13.

I don’t try to hide because even my kids – looking back now – say, “Mom, you should have let Louie talk.” And I was like, “You know what?” You are right.’ And that’s where I tried to protect him, because that’s where he comes into my world. You know what I mean?” shared the 50-year-old. “It’s not like I went into his world. Imagine I went to his world and then all these people started attacking me. I also felt bad. So here he came into my world so I felt bad and tried to protect him. But when he talks, listen, he closes his mouth. From now on I’ll just make him talk and shut up because he’s used to the cameras now.

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