Candace Cameron Bure slammed for being ‘inappropriate and disrespectful’


Candace Cameron-Bure attends the 2019 iHeartRadio Wango Tango.

GAC Media and Hallmark star Candace Cameron Bure has been at the center of a firestorm these past few days. So You Think You Can Dance judge Jojo Siva stunned Bure and the others by revealing that she felt Bure was the most ruthless face she’d ever seen. Since then, Siva and Bure have spoken directly to each other and shared details about what happened earlier. However, it seems fans of one or the other aren’t necessarily willing to forgive and forget.

Here’s what you need to know:

Bure wrote about establishing “the unshakable hope we have in Christ.”

On July 29, Bure posted a short video His Instagram page. This video highlights Dayspring’s exclusive One Step Closer tutorial series. The Fuller House star explained that a new guide called Wild Hope is about to be released, and she shared a little about its purpose. “This dedicated guide focuses on embracing the unshakable hope we have in Christ,” and he joked that the number of guides he has isn’t “a problem” but “a collection.” Lamb concluded his account with a verse from the Bible that reads in part: “Those who hope in the Lord will be renewed in power.”

Bure’s post was well received by her fans. A member of the GAC family and Hallmark artist Danica McClellar commented with a heart emoji and a fan. written that guides “give great gifts from the heart.” Several people expressed excitement about expanding their guide collection with the new version, and others seemed interested in trying it out for the first time. Another fan commented“Oh my @candacecbure I’m in love again! I have so much more faith because of you. Thank you.”

Critics were not afraid to share their thoughts

As is often the case with Bure’s posts, especially those with religious themes, some people left critical comments. Siva’s situation was clearly still on many people’s minds, with some pointing specifically to Bure’s daughter Natasha’s recent reaction. Described as personsNatasha posted and then deleted an Instagram story attacking Siva. He criticized Siva, who described his childhood experience with Boreh as a “brutal experience”, adding: “This generation is very sensitive and has no backbone. Grow up, there are bigger problems in the world than this.”

Someone “so sorry for this”. Wrote In the Fuller House star’s Instagram post.

“You tell your family everything about this life why your daughter is acting immature and trying to *** not s*** with her.” criticized Someone else This person added more later CommentAnd he wrote: “They say they only care about God’s life and that just seems inappropriate and disrespectful to me.”

“Yeah, they lost me in the process. No more fans!” addition Another person.

“Make one for your daughter, she obviously needs it. We always find people who use religion as a crutch to justify bad behavior and judge others. so fake,” explained Another critic

Several people on behalf of Boreh touched the critics. “The hate you’re getting is completely unnecessary and you don’t deserve it. @instagram do your part to stop the hate mail. reject As usual at such times, Bure didn’t back and forth in the comments of fans and critics. Candace Cameron Bure slammed for being ‘inappropriate and disrespectful’

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