Bishop Whitehead holds a press conference at his church following the recent robbery

Angry! Bishop Lambor Whitehead from Brooklyn, New York, has been in the media all week after his church was unfortunately robbed last weekend. As previously reported, the theft was discovered during a live broadcast of his service and many questions have been raised since then.

On Friday, Bishop Whitehead told the media during a news conference after the public had several questions about what may have led to the theft, the diocese’s finances and allegations that members of his congregation stole money.

While discussing the aftermath of the robbery, Whitehead shared that many people focus on his past and not what happened to him and his community on the day of the armed robbery. While sharing that his wife and daughter have not stopped crying because of this incident, or that his members do not want to return, he said:

“My church, no one can sympathize with us or sympathize with us. Do you want to know why? Because you plaster their pastor. No one wants to talk about these three men who came into this church and defiled us speak. We are a place of worship.”

She went on to say that people shared pictures of her wearing expensive brands like Fendi and Gucci to highlight her financial situation. He asked why these symbols cannot be placed in the church. She thought about growing up on food stamps, but now says she’s “crucified” for spending the money on luxuries for herself and her family.

Bishop Whitehead said:

The media is portraying me as a villain and that’s not fair, let’s grieve a little. Let’s thank God that he didn’t die at all.”

Watch the full press conference below:

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94 Bishop Whitehead holds a press conference following the recent burglary in his church.

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