Below Deck’s Dave White suffered a broken back after filming


Below Deck Mediterranean season 7

Dave White, the new chef of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7, spoke about his serious injury and recovery in April 2022.

Next to A The video he posted on InstagramThe British chef wrote: “So I broke my back on December 5th, I thought that’s it, my Everest dream is over… but the surgery was a success, they fused my spine with titanium and with the help of great friends.” And my determination not to give up, the rehab worked beautifully and I was back on my feet in no time.”

White did not elaborate on how his injury occurred, but said that despite his rapid recovery, he had decided to postpone his Everest expedition until 2023. 2023 and instead I will spend all my time and energy cooking for all the Ukrainian refugees who have lost [their] The houses were separated [their] love” he wrote.

In the video, she shared that while she was training really hard, she decided to postpone the expedition and instead head to the Ukrainian border to cook food for refugees. Among several clips showing his recovery and training, White shows a scar that runs along his spine and down his back.

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White has mentioned his back injury in several posts since December 5, 2021

Although White shared that his back injury occurred on Dec. 5, 2021, his first Instagram post to mention it was Dec. 29, when he wrote, “I’m 3 weeks out from back surgery so I can’t ski right now , but I’m foaming at the mouth. On my threads!” On January 7, he wrote that he had made his first ascent in 2022.

“Probably the smallest mountain in the world compared to the tallest mountain in the world, but it’s a start!” He wrote. It has been exactly one month since I broke my back and had fusion surgery. It was very difficult for me mentally, but now I am coming out on the other side.

Two days later on January 9, he wrote: “I broke my back a little over a month ago, my physical game is improving but mentally I’m struggling. Never give up, stop running from these demons , face them and talk about it. See link in bio and join me on this journey. Boys cry too.”

On Jan. 12, she posted a photo of herself skiing and wrote, “Of course the surgeon said I probably shouldn’t ski for 6 months, but my body is taking care of it and my mind is having a freaking epic… I’m back baby. Damn, I love life!”

White is in the latest season of Below Deck Mediterranean

According to his biography, the native Englishman has more than seven years of cooking experience Bravo TV. The “Below the Fashion” season 7 chef thrill-seeker shows his passion for skiing, skydiving and hiking on his Instagram profile.

According to his bio, White “lives for all kinds of adventure and has the professional skiing, Everest climbing, skydiving and injury history to prove it.” Regarding his culinary background, the website says: “After working in some of London’s most prestigious kitchens, White entered the world of sailing and loved the combination of cooking and adventure. In addition to serving as executive chef on several yachts over the past seven years, White has opened a seasonal restaurant in France.

So far, viewers have seen Wyatt perform as a season seven chef on Captain Sandy Yawn’s motorboat “Home.” His food has received rave reviews from diners, although the chef has had some trouble with his previous relationship with hostess Natasha Webb.

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