With the film rights lost, Tomb Raider is getting another reboot

. Last updated: July 29, 2022

Tomb Raider movie rights are acquired after MGM lost the rights to the series. Many major Hollywood movie studios are now scrambling to acquire the rights to bring gaming’s most iconic female character to the big screen.

As first by packing, MGM has lost the rights to Tomb Raider and will not continue. While a sequel to the 2018 Tomb Raider movie was in the works, the company put it on hold indefinitely.

MGM had until May 2022 to greenlight the sequel, but by failing to do so, they have now lost the ability to continue the series. As a result, the rights were then returned to the game company, who, along with Graham King’s GK FIlms, struck a deal to bring the IP to new buyers.

Lara Croft star Alicia Vikander recently hinted that the film is still trying to get the green light. It appears that this is indeed the reason why the rights have already been acquired. This change in salary also likely means that he won’t be returning to reprise his role, even though he was a great fit in the first film.

Insiders have also added that whoever acquires the rights is looking to reboot the series. No one from the 2018 film has a commitment to the series, and it’s a completely blank slate for the new studio coming in.

Warner Bros

Alicia Vikander took over the mantle of Lara Croft from Angelina Jolie. Now a third actor will enter this role.

The Tomb Raider franchise is one of the greatest game franchises of all time. Since the 1990s, numerous games, novels, comics, and movies have been made about the now iconic Lara Croft.

In May 2021, Square Enix sold the rights to the game series and all related IP to Embracer for $300 million.

While no Hollywood studio has shown any apparent interest in bringing the character to the big screen once again, it’s only a matter of time before they snap up the rights.

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