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A 38-year-old Windsor man will spend the rest of his life in prison for murdering his ex-boyfriend.

A jury found Kaman Morgan guilty of first-degree murder Friday morning after a five-day trial that began last week.

Family members of the victim, Brie Ann Biondolillo, 37, spoke of their loss before Magistrate Judge Timothy Kearns handed down the sentence Friday.

Biondolillo’s mother, Nancy Appleton, recalled the night she was awakened at 3:19 a.m. by a knock on her door. Two police officers were at the door and asked Appleton to sit down before asking if her daughter was there.

They told him Biondolillo had died, but said they didn’t know how. Appleton immediately knew that Morgan had killed his daughter, he recalled.

Appleton wakes up at 3:19 a.m. every morning, reliving the experience of learning her daughter has been killed.

Appleton’s testimony, like that of others Friday, focused on how Morgan deprived several people of Biondolillo’s presence as a daughter, mother, sister and loved one.

Appleton held up a photo of Biondolillo’s son with Morgan. The baby, who was just 3 months old when he was in the backseat when Morgan killed Biondolillo, was adopted by new parents. In the photo, the child is holding hands with his new father.

He said the photo was supposed to be with Biondolillo and Morgan, but he denied them that chance. Instead, the boy’s new parents said they will one day have to explain that his biological father killed his mother.

Brie’s daughter and oldest child, Brooklyn Biondolillo, said Wednesday that Brie Biondolillo was rude and bad mouthed Morgan’s mother, who accused her of shaking the car seat while the children were inside, and fired the final shot at her. accident’ added to his agony.

“Forgiving you taught me how to heal,” Brooklyn said.

Brooklyn said that while she was sorry for her and her siblings’ loss of their mother, she also felt sorry for Morgan’s mother and brother, who didn’t carry the burden of carrying a killer for a family member. After pulling Brie, Morgan called her own mother, something Brooklyn couldn’t do herself because of her actions.

Brie’s brother, Mike Biondolillo, also spoke about the losses Brie’s children are facing.

“That night you shot Brie, all you wanted was to be with your mom,” Mike said, recalling how Morgan called her mom after killing Brie and later visited her before surrendering.

Now Brie’s children will never see their mother again, Mike said.

Even though he’s dealing with the inexplicable loss of his lifelong best friend, Mike says he can forgive Morgan as an “emotionally weak” person who once sat on the couch watching movies with Mike and Bree.

Weld Deputy District Attorney Keith Fitzgerald read a statement from the couple who adopted Biondolillo and Morgan’s child. They said they were grateful that justice had been served and would not worry about their safety. They said the child was doing well and described him as a “very happy little man”.

The source asked Assistant District Attorney Robb Miller to sentence Kearns to life in prison.

Although Morgan spoke again in court, the defense called no witnesses, again accusing Biondolillo of assault.

“I understand that my actions destroyed a lot of people,” she said, before accusing others of being “in denial” about Biondolillo, who she said was “as abusive as I was.”

Biondolillo stopped by Morgan’s home in Windsor on February 24, 2020 to pick up their son. Morgan shot five times through the windshield before moving to Biondolillo’s door and the last shot in the head.

He claimed his motive was self-defense for his son, who was in the back seat when Morgan opened fire on the car. During his testimony, Morgan admitted that jealousy played a role in his actions. Biondolillo was getting the keys to his new apartment with his new girlfriend that day.

Kerns offered his condolences to Brie’s family and friends and praised their grace and forgiveness throughout the trial.

“Domestic violence, power and control over someone, it’s over today,” Kerns said.

Kearns sentenced Morgan to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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