Where is the little lady meme from? He explained the origin of this process

Weeks have passed and the little lady trend is still the most popular meme on social media.

This tendency sees people create comedic characters that sum up their personalities and are referred to as little misses.

For example, some popular ones include “Little Miss One of the Boys”, “Little Miss Bra as a Top” and “Little Miss Don’t Drink Water”.

The caption can be absolutely anything, you just need to share your feelings and personality and be as funny as possible.

It’s been posted on every social media site, but where did it come from? Let’s trace the origin of the viral meme of the little lady…

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The roots of the Little Miss meme trend

A popular trend is to use characters from the famous book series of the English author Roger Hargreaves.

In August 1971, he began publishing his Mr. Men books and continued to write and illustrate other books over the next three decades.

Each book is about a different character named after a specific feeling or action, such as Mr. Greedy, Mr. Model, and Mr. Bump.

Mr. Mardan’s first published book was Mr. Tickle, inspired by his son Adam, who once asked him what a tickle was like.

His Mr. Bolt books have been published for six decades, the most recent being the November 2021 Mr. Bolt books based on sprinter Usain Bolt.

In 1981, they also started a companion series, Little Miss, featuring female characters such as Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Trouble, and Little Miss Giggles.

The first book was Little Miss Bossy published in September 1981 and the most recent was Little Miss Brave in September 2021.

Roger Hargreaves died tragically in 1998, but his son Adam continued the series, which is a huge part of many British childhoods.

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Meet Roger and Adam Hargoz

Charles Roger Hargreaves was an English writer and painter, born in May 1935. A series of little men and women wrote the Timbuktu books.

All of his books were simple, humorous stories for young readers with bold, colorful illustrations.

Roger was born in a private hospital in Clackeyton, West Yorkshire, and grew up in the area before briefly working in his father’s dry cleaning and laundry business.

He then worked in advertising and became creative director at Foote, Coen & Belding, but always wanted to be a cartoonist.

While working in a London firm, he wrote his first Mr. Men book, Mr. Tickle. The stories were an instant hit and were later turned into television shows.

The author gave up his work to become a writer and painter, but sadly died of a stroke in a hospital near Cowden in Kent, where he lived.

His son Adam, a farmer, took over from his father, but it was not an easy task. He took a course at Brighton College of Art and had to teach himself to paint.

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The Mister Maine brand is now sold out

In 2004, Roger’s widow, Christine, sold the rights to Mr. and Mrs. Little to British entertainment group Chirion for £28 million.

In December 2011, Chorian brand Mr. Sold Men and all related merchandise to the Japanese company Sanrio.

However, Adam, now 59, still writes and illustrates all the Mr. Men and Little Miss books, with his father’s original signature on the front cover.

He has written 11 Mr. Men books as well as 13 Little Miss books since Roger’s death, the first of which was Mr. Cool and the Scary Little Miss in 2003.

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