When is the new Clash Royale season coming out?

A new season of Clash Royale is coming and developer Supercell has given us its history.

Internet leaks are starting to spread and fans are anticipating some sort of crossover with the 10th anniversary of Clash of Clans.

Here’s everything we know so far about when to wait for the new Clash Royale season.

Clash Royale Pancakes of the new season



Clash Royale Pancakes of the new season






When will the new season of Clash Royale be released?

Supercell has confirmed that the next season of Clash Royale will begin on Monday, August 1, 2022. This news was confirmed today as part of the announcement that the game servers will be taken offline for maintenance.

This is to help prepare the game for the new season of Clash Royale, which is expected to start in August with a number of balance changes and new challenges.

Fans will have to wait for official news from Supercell, as many of these details are still based on leaks.

corresponding Royal APIClash Royale Chapter 38: Clash From The Past starts on Monday with retro style designs. As with most new seasons, Supercell is expected to add new skins and cosmetics and announce everything online.

Fans have discussed what could happen in Clash Royale, and some have shared their ideas on what should return.

A fan on Reddit He noted, “Where is the Infinite Elixir in party mode? Even in a 5 week August season it was great.

The last time the Infinite Elixir appeared was in Season 33 (March 2022), the season before the introduction of the Championship. Before that, Infinite Elixir last appeared in Season 26 (August 2021), Season 21 (March 2021), and Season 16 (October 2020).

Another added: “This is the best game mode they’ve ever made. Second, Mirror tells me mad love 2v2 touchdown. When will SC fix the bugs and bring back 2v2 TD? And yes, the mode “Spawners in party modes are broken due to exploitation. 1v1 Showdown does not respect average map-level coordination.”

More news about the start of the new Clash Royale season is expected in the coming days.

Another news is all the playable dinosaurs in Path of Titans

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