What happened to Wren Eleanor? Controversy ensued as netizens questioned Ren’s mother for endangering her child’s safety

TikTok may receive content in a fraction of a second, but not all of them are liked by people as recently one TikTok user Wren.Eleanor disabled comments after a controversy on the platform. Well, in case you haven’t come across Wren.Eleanor’s video then. Here is the reason for the TikTok controversy.

Read ahead to know more about Wren.Eleanor’s disabled comments after the controversy on TikTok.

Who is tiktoker Wren.Eleanor?

TikTok has become very popular among its users over time. While this program has users of almost every age group. We even see parents posting videos of their kids on the app. One such TikTok user is Jacqueline, who likes to post her daughter Wren’s videos on TikTok.

The mother-daughter TikTok account named “Wren.Eleanor” is popular. Her daughter’s videos are so popular on the app that she has about 17 million followers on the app. However, recently the tiktoker has faced backlash for his daughter’s videos.

Wren.Eleanor disabled comments on TikTok

While Jacqueline continues to post her and her daughter’s videos on TikTok. Recently after releasing some videos of his daughter. He has faced negative reactions from other users. As users say that he abuses his daughter for visits. Jacqueline has disabled the comments section on TikTok by posting comments.

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In this case, another TikToker Replyhazy showed the statistics of two of Jacquelyn’s videos. Where one of his regular videos has 2.1 million views and 14.6k saves. Another video of his daughter’s bath has been viewed 1.9 million times. While it has saved 58.4 thousand times. It shows that movies are in the wrong hands.

Jacqueline’s reaction to this controversy

While users have commented on the tiktoker girl’s videos that have gone into the wrong hands. Jacqueline has not shown any reaction to all this. But the comment section of his videos is disabled. So he can’t comment on his videos.

@wren.eleanor where next 😋 #Niches #Food ♬ Mario voice – mandycap

Meanwhile, users on TikTok are criticizing Jacqueline for abusing her daughter for mere viewing. Among other mothers in the program, they have criticized her. As everyone is waiting for Jacqueline to react to this controversy.

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