What does Rested XP mean in MultiVersus? Answered

MultiVersus is a live service game that provides enough mechanical depth and vertical challenge to keep you engaged and coming back to the game. Nowhere is this throwback style of play more promoted than the game’s Rested XP system, which encourages you to play every day to maximize your XP gains. Rested XP has a lot more to it than just a daily login system, though.

How Rested XP works in MultiVersus

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Rested XP is not strictly in-game XP in the traditional sense. Instead, having Rested XP increases your actual XP amount when completing matches and other activities. This XP can then be used to level up characters and progress through the MultiVersus Battle Pass.

Keep in mind that Rested XP is temporarily in short supply. When you start a new MultiVersus game session on a new day, you will have the maximum amount of Rested XP, as indicated by the meter in the bottom right of the Battle Pass menu. Having the maximum amount of Rested XP will reward you with up to twice the normal XP rate you earn by completing matches.

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As you continue to play, you will notice that the Rested XP gauge is gradually decreasing. At the same time, you will notice that as this meter decreases, the XP factor applied by Rested XP will decrease. Once Rested XP is fully spent, you will no longer receive any XP rewards for playing additional matches that day.

How to restore Rested XP in MultiVersus

The only way to restore Rested XP is to wait for the MultiVersus internal clock to advance to the next day. The system can’t be tricked by turning your PC or console clock forward 24 hours, meaning you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to take full advantage of the potential XP bonus. In practice, shorter sessions encourage daily play over longer sessions only occasionally for players looking to improve.

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