Tori Lanz’s lawyer asked to postpone the hearing date in Megan T. Stallion’s case.

Torey Lanz’s attorney has asked the judge for more time amid his trial with Megan T. Stallion.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Tori Lanz’s attorney has asked to postpone the trial date in the Megan T. Stallion case.

According to Rolling Stone senior reporter Nancy Dillon, Torey Lanz was not present at the pretrial hearing. It was held on Thursday, July 28 at a Los Angeles courthouse.

However, during the proceedings, the rapper’s attorney, Shawn Hawley, requested that the original court date, which was set for September 14, be pushed back. He cited a “potential conflict” in an unrelated case allegedly involving Megan T. Stallion.

Dillon provided updates on Lanez’s hearing on Twitter. “Tori did not attend,” he wrote. His attorney asked him to postpone the Sept. 14 trial in the attack on Megan T. Stallion because of a possible conflict with an unrelated case he is handling. The judge called the execution of the trial “untimely”. Check back on 8/12 to see if the conflicts are resolved.

In other words, the judge neither allowed nor rejected the lawyer’s request.

Additionally, all parties must return to court on August 12, when a judge will determine whether the conflicts have been resolved. They will also decide whether the trial should be adjourned.

What happened between Tori Lanez and Megan T. Stallion?

On July 12, 2020, Tori Lanez was convicted of assault after she accused rapper Megan T. Stallion of shooting her.

The Texas-native singer claims she was traveling with Kelsey Harris, Lance and her bodyguard that night.

Meghan added that they had an argument after he said he didn’t want to travel anymore.

The 27-year-old diva continued that when she exited the vehicle, Lance yelled, “Dance, bitch,” and shot her in the legs.

In addition, the 30-year-old Canadian woman Taj was initially convicted of carrying a concealed weapon. However, after an investigation, his charges were upgraded to a felony count of assault with a semi-automatic weapon.

The star of the day, Shmuel Sheva Patterson, popularly known as Torey Lanz, is innocent as of November 2020. The rapper continues to maintain his innocence to this day.

Singer Savage has talked about this incident in his previous interview.

“I still have shrapnel in my legs right now,” he said. I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be Megan T. Stallion anymore.’


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