TJ Lavin shares his thoughts on competitors who surprised him


TJ Lavin of The Challenge

Fans of The Challenge were introduced to a whole new group of contestants on spinoff The Challenge: USA airing this summer on CBS, and longtime host TJ Lavin revealed he was surprised to have spoken to some of them.

Ahead of the premiere of the new spin-off, TJ spoke Steven McCaugherty of Hoy And shared that there were a few contestants who surprised her during the filming of the show. And then we had a couple of surprises in there, namely Angela [Rummans] and Alisa [Lopez]He teased.

You know who did really well in some of the eliminations and challenges was Azah [Awasum]TJ continued. Aza was really good, he was a surprise for me. I thought, pretty face, you know, that’s it. No, he did really well. And Alisa too.” A clip of TJ’s comments was posted It was shared on Twitterto which Azah replied, “Oh somebody wake me up! I’m humbled,” with multiple crying emojis.

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TJ also mentioned that there are 3 male “Survivor” stars that he looks up to

where in The same interviewTJ talked about some of the men who have been affected and named three “Survivor” stars. I have my eye on Tyson [Apostol]I think he’s probably the one to beat. Viewers have seen Tyson win the first two challenges with his partners so far this season.

And maybe Ben is a second person [Driebergen]TJ continued. And then an NFL player, Danny [McCray]So I don’t think the other guys from the other shows have a chance. “These three men are tough.” Ben and Danny have performed well, but both have yet to win a challenge this season. Among the male competitors, Kyland Young got off to a strong start at The Challenge: USA, joining Tyson with back-to-back wins.

The women selected by TJ, Aza, Alyssa and Angela all participated in Big Brother.

Aza and Alyssa both appeared in Big Brother Season 23, while Angela appeared in Big Brother Season 20. Angela finished fourth.

So far this season of Challenge: USA, these three women have proven themselves in different ways. They all boosted their bank accounts and both Angela and Alyssa earned their spots in the TJ finals. Angela, who won the challenge in episodes 1 and 3, has $11,000 in her bank account, while Alyssa, who won the challenge in episode 4, has $6,000 in her bank account.

Aza has yet to win a challenge this season, but he lost and won in the first episode of the season, meaning his bank account is now $2,000.

“Challenge: USA” airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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