Tina Peters granted recount in secretary of state Republican primary race

Tina Peters received an optional recount after presenting the budget to Colorado’s Secretary of State, according to a news release Thursday.

Also facing a recount is Linda Zamora Wilson, who lost the Senate District 9 race in Colorado Springs.

Tina Peters and Linda Zamora Wilson have filed for and paid for a primary recount for Secretary of State and State Senate District 9, respectively. US Secretary of State Jenna Griswold said in a statement: “Recounts will be conducted according to the law and will be completed by August 4.”

Peters, who was Mesa County Clerk He was accused of election manipulation, sought the Republican nomination for Secretary of State in June. She He lost by a wide margin To former Jefferson County employee Pam Anderson.

The statement said that all counties have been notified to begin preparations to proceed with the recount of these contests in accordance with the law.

On July 14, a bipartisan county board of auditors successfully completed a statewide risk-limiting audit, a post-election audit that provides a statistical level of assurance that an election’s result is correct, according to the secretary of state. . The reported winner was confirmed in all audited contests. The competition for the office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was specifically audited.

Peters Sent $255,912 for recount and Wilson $20,819, according to authorities.

Wilson He lost to incumbent Paul Lundinwhich won about 70 percent of the votes.

Three other candidates, including Ron Hanks, who called for a recount, did not fund the optional recount. Hanks, a state representative for the U.S. House of Representatives, lost in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate. Hanks’ recount payout was $256,172.

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