Texas boy found dead in washing machine after going missing

A young Texas boy’s body was found in a washing machine hours after his parents reported him missing, and they were separated and arrested after police launched a criminal investigation into the incident.

The body of 7-year-old Troy Koehler was found at 7:20 a.m. Thursday after a two- to three-hour search, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

The parents filed a missing person’s report a few hours before the boy’s body was found

Lt. Robert Mincho of the department’s homicide unit told reporters Thursday that when officers arrived at the home, they conducted a “brief missing persons interview” with the boy’s parents.

What they saw prompted them to search the house thoroughly at that time. They found a 7-year-old boy dead in the washing machine in the garage.

Both parents were “separated, jailed” after the murder case was called.

The boy’s parents were then “separated and detained, which is standard procedure” after the homicide unit was called in to investigate. US Post reports.

According to reports, Troy was an adopted child believed to have been adopted by parents in 2019. However, investigators are confirming whether the boy has been formally adopted by the family.

Mincho said police began searching the house for the boy after they noticed no doors or windows were open, and when they searched the neighborhood they didn’t find the boy.

“It was early in the morning. There was no sign of a door or window being opened. After searching the neighborhood, they did not find the boy. So the next logical step in my opinion is to look for a house.”

He was fully clothed when he was found in the washing machine with the lid up. But officials did not confirm whether it was closed or open.

It is not yet clear whether the child entered the washing machine alone or not

It’s not yet clear whether Troy entered the washing machine alone, and Mincho added “no comment” on the possible error.

As of Friday, no arrests have been made.

This is a traumatic situation for the family and everyone involved. “It’s more important just to get him away from home,” Mincho says of Troy’s parents.

Mark Herman, Harris County Constable for the 4th Precinct. He tweeted that the criminal investigation into the death of this child continues.

A medical examiner’s report on the exact cause of Troy’s death is pending.

https://theshaderoom.com/texas-boy-boy-in-washing-machine-after-missing-three-hours-criminal-investigation-underway/ Texas boy found dead after going missing in washing machine.

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