Report: Jared Kushner Says in New Memoir He Wasn’t Willing to Turn His Back on a Saudi Prince Over a Disgusting Deadly Saw

A very long list of things to complain about Jared KushnerTime in the White House – a list that includes mistakes in the administration’s response to Covid-19 and do nothing to prevent his father-in-law from plotting to subvert the election – presumably because of his close personal relationship with the Saudi crown prince. Mohammed bin Salman which has the highest rank. This is largely due to the fact that MBS confirmed According to Kushner, the kidnapping and dismemberment of one of his critics – US resident Jamal Khashoggi – and instead of his father-in-law condemning the man. He went to bat for him with Donald Trump which led to the escape of the prince from the murder.

Apparently hearing these criticisms, Kushner decided to address them in his new memoir — in which he writes that yes, it’s bad to tear a man apart, but he wasn’t going to let all the good his tyrannical pal did go under. put the ray .

particle for direct object The Wall Street Journal reports that in Breaking History: The White House Memoirs On August 23, the former first son-in-law “defends his relationship with Prince Mohammed. Mr. Kushner said he considered Prince Mohammed a historic figure who brought about unimaginable social reforms in Saudi Arabia and led the kingdom toward warming ties with Israel. Regarding MBS being accused of facilitating the gruesome murder of Khashoggi, Kushner wrote: “While this situation was horrific, I could not ignore the fact that the reforms that MBS implemented had a positive impact on millions of people in It had a kingdom – especially. Women. All of these reforms were top priorities for the United States, as they led to greater progress in countering extremism and advancing economic opportunity and stability throughout the war-torn region. “The kingdom was ready to build on this historic development and I believed it would.” In October 2018, about two weeks after Khashoggi was killed, particle for direct object New York Times It has been reported Kushner wanted the president to stand by the prince, arguing that MBS could survive the outrage.[d] He endured the criticisms of the past. Just to be perfectly clear, the “rage” was over a man being dismembered.

as Magazine Kushner, he points out, does not dispute the US intelligence conclusion that his princely crony ordered the attack, despite the kingdom’s denials — and his book doesn’t even mention it.

Oh, and about that $2 billion investment his private equity firm received from Saudi Arabia shortly after his time in the White House ended? You know, the one who went against the advice of the panel doing due diligence for the Saudis, who concluded that no one in their right mind should give the former first son-in-law a dime but was overruled by the prince himself? Kushner swears it had nothing to do with the fact that he treated MBS and company so well while working for the US government. The congressional panel is, of course, skeptical – “The American people deserve answers about whether a senior White House official has used his office for personal gain and whether the promise of future payments for official actions will affect US foreign policy during the Trump presidency.” puts it or not “Whore Carolyn Maloney, who heads the oversight committee of the House of Representatives, said in a statement – but Kushner promised us!

Someone is lying here and we’ll give you a guess who is

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