Queen Letizia borrowed a $40 dress from her daughter Princess Leonor

Queen Letizia Spain has long been making headlines for her trendy style and her penchant for re-dressing and borrowing from her mother-in-law. Queen Sofia But on Wednesday, she attended a meeting at UNICEF’s Spanish headquarters, where she took closet shopping to a new level. Letizia was wearing a red shirt with an ikat design, which was her 16-year-old daughter Princess Leonor It was spotted last month during a visit to Teatros de El Canal to see the dancer perform Maria Pages.

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Letizia wore the dress with brown espadrille wedges, while Leonor opted for bronze dresses and accessorized with a crossbody bag. People Noting that the Dándara brand dress is very affordable at only $40, so it’s possible that the royal family could easily own two of them.

Letizia, in her role as UNICEF Spain’s Ombudsman for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, attended a meeting with the head of the organization. Gustavo Suarez Pereira and executive director Jose Maria Vera Together with a group of mental health experts In a statementCasa Real said the meeting discussed the mental health crisis among Spanish youth, which has intensified since the pandemic. A group of mothers also discussed the impact of child mental health issues on the entire family.

In recent months, Leonor has stepped up her royal appearance on Mondayhe and Letizia joined them King Philip and 15 years old Princess Sofia At a family engagement in Santiago de Compostela, where they commemorated the burial place of the Apostle Santiago. Leonore is also a student at UWC Atlantic in Wales and Last weekshe and her younger sister were spotted in London cheering on the Spanish women’s national team against Denmark.

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These contents can also be seen on its website originates from.


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