PHOTO: Chelsea Houska Slamed for ‘Botox Party’

Chelsea Houska/Angie Houska

Hoska and her family took a group trip to Hill City, South Dakota.

Chelsea Houska, the mother of the 2nd grader, faced backlash from fans online after discussing going to Hill City, South Dakota, for a family day out on July 28.

Around the same time Houska was driving to Hill City from Vermillion, South Dakota, her sister, Angie Houska, shared a photo of her father, Randy, with a bunch of needles around him. Alcohol swabs, cotton balls and bottles can also be seen in the photo. “When your dad gets botox and goes on vacation” He wrote.

The image caused quite a stir on Reddit, where hundreds of fans commented on the injections. “Hoska Family Vacations Include Botox Parties” in The original poster Wrote.

This thread received almost 500 upvotes and over 650 comments.

“It must be so strange to be rich and privileged. Looking in from the outside, it is very strange. Botox parties on family vacations… well,” read one popular opinion.

“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should,” said another. Answer above

“The way Chelsea looks now, including her friends, I’m not bragging about dad and his failed botox injection! 😬”, another He snorted

Not all were negative. Some fans said they were jealous that Houska was getting free throws on vacation.

“And I loved it when my Uncle Lynn brought his homemade moonshine to family gatherings 😂,” one person joked. 200 votes in favor

Another post about Huska was made, with one original poster claiming that the alum looked like a “teenage mother”. “horrible.”

Huska bought an investment property

Not only was Huska excited to head to Hill City to spend some quality time with her family, she was happy to announce to her fans that she had purchased an investment property.

“So, our family is on a little road trip right now,” Hoska said. Instagram stories. “We’re going to the hills. Umm, but I’m just excited, so I had to share that this morning before we hit the town, we signed the papers and officially closed on our first investment property! And I’m so excited.”

“And I’m ready to party on the mountain… the kids have their pads. “Aubrey’s actually here right now,” she continued. “She rode with my sister. Um, well, we’ll meet her there, and I’m excited.”

Huska teased that the car ride didn’t go well. He captioned the video: “Wish us luck on this 5 hour drive, no one has ever had a good time.”

Houska’s husband, Cole DeBoer, also joined the family on the trip. He and Hoska have three children: Watson, 5, Lynn, 3, and Walker, 1. Aubrey, 12, is Houska’s daughter from her relationship with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind.

The account of Houska photo company has been closed

On the same day, Houska went on a family vacation, the Instagram account for her photography business – Belle & RaeCo. – It has been deleted. However, the account remained a fraud.

“This is not our account, and unfortunately, Belle & Rae’s parent company, Instagram, took it back with no explanation and no word…so, you’ll find me frowning and annoying for the rest of time,” a statement read. From Houska joint venture. Photo: Chelsea Houska criticized for ‘botox party’

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