New update log for Pet Simulator X and code news for the PSX toy line

Pet Simulator X has just rolled out a new update, and it’s also been confirmed that the game will be getting an expanded line of coded toys as part of the deal.

As part of the latest Pet Sim X expansion for Roblox, a lot of new content has been added to the game today, focusing on the new hardcoded mode.

And fans will want to check out everything that’s been confirmed to find all the new secrets and features to look out for.

Roblox | Vans World trailer



Roblox | Vans World trailer





Pet Simulator X new update report and codes

For all those returning to the game today, there are currently no new Pet Simulator X codes to use. However, as part of the new Pet Simulator X update, the Big Games team has confirmed that they will be adding new codes to the game as part of their new line of toys.

According to the Pet Sim X team, the IRL toy line just launched and comes with redeemable codes that can be used on PSX and future games.

A message from Big Games adds: “We’ve been releasing a lot of these toys, so be on the lookout! Visit to stay updated and see where to get them.”

However, if you click directly to the store, you’ll find that all toys listed are currently sold out. It looks like more goodies will be arriving along with Pet Sim X codes in the coming weeks.

And for a look at all the changes made today as part of the new Pet Simulator X update, check out the big game log post below:

PET SIM X protocol

Hardcore mode

Ready for a challenge?

  • Once you’ve unlocked the Void world and completed at least 25% of your mastery, you can go hardcore!
  • Do not worry; When you go hardcore, you don’t leave your pets (or your soul). In fact, you can leave whenever you want!
  • Advancement in hardcore is completely separate. This means – unlocked coins and areas are not reflected here.
  • All pets you hatch in hardcore are now HC pets (can you guess what that stands for)
  • HC pets are the same pets…but a trillion times stronger. 10^13 stronger to be exact.
  • The machines in Hardcore also require a lot more pets and cost a lot more. Hope you saved your diamonds!

anniversary gift

  • Happy PSX Anniversary! Crazy to think this game has been out for 1 year.
  • To celebrate the occasion, every player who ranks above Pro will receive a free gift!
  • If you’re lucky, you might even get an exclusive giant pet!
  • (ends July 30)

Secret areas

  • It seems very difficult to choose these locks…


  • Added 2 new Hoverboards – High Tech Hoverboard and Purple Hoverboard!
  • Both can be found in hardcore mode!

capybara egg

  • New Exclusive Egg is now available! See all capybaras 😀

added (previously)

  • Between the last update and this one, I’ve been quietly rolling out a bunch of new features! Most of this new stuff has to do with the new PSX toy business

Inventory gifts

  • There are now eggs to save in your inventory! These are called “gifts”.
  • Gifts can be stored in the bank, opened and even traded with other players!
  • It has been in the game for over a month! Have you ever seen one?

Toys IRL

  • We just launched the Pet Simulator X toy line!
  • We have been working on it for a long time. I’m really looking forward to them!
  • Toys come with redeemable codes* for use on PSX and future games!
  • We have a lot of these toys, so be careful!

Enchanting companion

  • New unique pets now have an accompanying magic!
  • It’s a lot like Best Friend Charm, albeit on a smaller scale.

Other news includes when to wipe the Rust console and the July 2022 update -new-update-log-psx-2022-codes New update log for Pet Simulator X and code news for the PSX toy line

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