New Clash of Clans anniversary update ahead of ten year Clashiversary

Clash of Clans anniversary events are always full of special offers and activities for players, and next month’s ten-year Clashiversary is building up the hype.

Special videos about the upcoming milestone have already been shared, and some players have gained access to a special in-game item.

And it doesn’t look like fans will have to wait long to get access to the full experience Supercell developers have planned for next month.

Clash of Clans Super Bowler trailer



Clash of Clans Super Bowler trailer





Clash of Clans new anniversary update

Supercell is planning something big for its 10-year fund, which is set to launch in early August. No firm date has been announced for the festivities to begin, but based on past years, fans should expect to see the festivities begin next week.

So far, the first anniversary update of Clash of Clans has been released and a new arcade machine has been added to it.

Supercell has instructed Android players to download an optional update to add the new arcade machine to their game.

It’s unclear what role this special item will play in the game when the Clash of Clans event airs, but it fits with some of the other teasers Supercell has shared this week.

Two special YouTube videos It was released this week ahead of Clash of Clans’ anniversary date in August, along with a trailer. The animated clip shows the wild feeling of being useless as the other characters prepare for the cashier. The barbarian is then transported to an arcade game that feeds directly into the new gaming machine now found in the game.

The second video uploaded this week features a Clash of Clans documentary that details the lore of the CoC franchise and how it came to be, with the official explanation:

In collaboration with the Finnish Game Film Archive (FGFA) and Spark & ​​Riot, we’re delighted to celebrate Clash’s 40th anniversary with the definitive story of how the Clash of Clans you know and love came to be. Discover the triumphs and struggles of our mysterious founders, while reliving the moments that turned a humble Finnish arcade game into a global phenomenon that dominated pop culture for 40 years.

From action figures to unforgettable commercials to the HQ fire that almost destroyed everything, relive every moment. With never-before-seen footage, interviews with the founder and eyewitness accounts from people who were there, Clash from the Past is a 40-year-old story that will make you want to watch it again and again.

While we don’t know what exactly will happen next week, Clash of Clans anniversary veterans can look forward to a flurry of new challenges, special offers, discounts, and maybe a map change or two as part of the opening celebration.

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