MultiVersus: The best points for Arya Stark

MultiVersus is a free crossover game published by Warner Bros. Here you can play one of your favorite characters from DC Comics, HBO, Turner Entertainment and Cartoon Network. Here Arya Stark represents House Stark. With his training from the Faceless Man, and his travels around Westeros, he’s not here for fun and games. He is only here to win. With his needle and knife at his side, he’s more than capable of taking down the biggest and baddest in the game. If you want to equip him with the best points for this mission, this is your guide. Here’s your guide to the best points for Arya Stark in MultiVersus.

What are the best points for Arya Stark in MultiVersus?

Best points for Arya Stark in MultiVersus

Aria’s class is Assassin and so she is best with her weapons. He definitely packs a punch, but his strength lies in the air, as he weaves and dodges his opponent’s attacks while still hitting them with a variety of combos. With that in mind, here are the best points to boost Arya and her moves on the battlefield in the game:

  • Betrayal – you can Unlock this Signature Perk at level 8. Using this perk helps allies and Aria. When Arya stabs her allies with her dagger, she He gives them a raging buffalo. Arya infuriates herself by attacking the same dagger tied to her ally.
  • Impact power of the punch – you can Unlock this perk at level 12. by using this, Your team deals 5% increased damage. Attacks are here Flip enemies horizontally. With Aria’s skill set and this perk, you can easily send your opponents down with no time to catch their breath.
  • The second wind under your wings – you can Unlock this perk at level 11. Since Aria is at her best when she’s in the air, take advantage of this perk Attack and trap the enemy in the airThus calling them. You can even follow this up by using a combo on a second nearby opponent to take them both out in one go. Or just go to the latter a little later. This score Resets air special attacks After defeating the opponent
  • Snowball effectUnlocked at level 2, this bonus makes your team deal 7% more damage to the enemy that takes the most damage. This effect is much more brutal than the others because it goes through the weakest link. But Arya isn’t really known for being kind to her enemies.

With these points, your daughter is ready for anything. That’s all you need to know about Arya’s best scores. Give these perks a try to see if they work for you and your playstyle. If you want to know how to make the game more fun, check out this guide The best characters are unlocked for the first time from each class.

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