Making Rain: Why I Stay Loyal to FaZe

. Last updated: July 29, 2022

Before finding his home in FaZe Clan, CS:GO veteran Howard “Rain” Nygaard had an extensive background in Counter-Strike, with a turbulent team history and over 20 different teammates.

In this in-depth interview, Rain discusses his beginnings in Kinguin, his struggles with G2 and his abilities, as well as his bright future with FaZe Clan.

Short rain trip with G2

Joining G2 in late 2015 following the organization’s acquisition of Kinguin, Baran saw a promising future with the team and their roster. I think we had a bright future there, even though Dennis later left to join Fnatic, but I think we had a great future in G2, and I’ve always liked G2 as an organization.

G2 later accepted FaZe Clan’s offer to buy the roster. When discussing the move, Baran stated, “We switched for other reasons, but at the time, a few months later, maybe a year later, we regretted our decision a little bit. “I don’t regret it now, of course I’m in FaZe, I love it here.”

‘Rain’ as a member of G2 in 2016

Long journey of rain with FaZe Clan

After the purchase, the new FaZe Clan roster was not always comfortable. After the 2018 ELEAGUE Major: Boston, they faced their biggest hurdle, falling short to Cloud9 in the finals and losing key members ‘Olofmeister’ and ‘Karrigan’.

I think Boston gave our team a lot of problems and I don’t think this lineup could ever shake it. We went into the final full of confidence and took a 15-11 lead. Olof should have continued to rest, I think this was FaZe’s downfall, as it was in 2017. I think it’s just been a downward spiral since we kicked Karrigan.

Baran holding the ‘PGL Antwerp Major 2022’ trophy – Image credit: PGL

Looking ahead, the roster introduced two new key members ‘Twistzz’, ‘Ropz’ as well as the return of Karrigan, which started their climb up the rankings. After the addition of stars, FaZe went on to win the PGL Antwerp Major 2022, with Baran winning the MVP award. They were the first international organization to win a major, and the first organization to win IEM Katowice, IEM Cologne and a Major in the same year.

Watch the full interview on YouTube.

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