Kevin Hart buys Chris Rock a goat and names him Will Smith

Kevin Hart talented Chris Rock A pet goat named Will Smith, and everyone thought it was funny.

In his end Rock Hart: Only captions are allowed Monday night’s show at Madison Square Garden, Kevin brought a pet goat to the stage, proving to be the greatest of all time.

When David Chappell He joined the comedians on stage and asked the goat’s name. Kevin replied:

The name is Will Smith.

The crowd responded with laughter, laughing at Kevin’s reference to the Oscars between Smith and Rock over a joke Rock made about Jada-Pinkett Smith’s bald head and her suffering from alopecia.

Kevin Hart says Chris Rock was almost in tears

As everyone laughed, Hart shared that Rock almost broke down and cried when he brought the goat on stage, he later told Jimmy Fallon.

He also shared that a goat pooped on stage.

The goat got up on the stage. There was no planning, that’s the only thing I didn’t think about. I said, “The goat is coming out and doing the two-minute tight,” but instead he’s banging on Chris’s shoes. He destroyed Chris’s shoes. He was wearing a pair of white moon boots and this goat grabbed him.

Will Smith apologizes to Chris Rock in a new video

Will Smith recently released a video about this slap called It’s Been a While.

He explained in his video:

It’s been a minute… I’ve been doing a lot of personal and intellectual work over the past few months. You asked a lot of fair questions that I wanted to take the time to answer.

Smith also added:

There is no part of me that thinks this was the right way to behave at that moment. No part of me thinks this is the best way to deal with feeling disrespected or offended.

“King Richard” also reached out to Chris Rock, but was told he was “not ready to talk”.

Will apologized to Jada, her family and this year’s Oscar nominees. Will also shared that letting others down is his trauma and how hurtful it is to know that he has let others down.

As a result of hitting the rock, Smith was banned from the academy for ten years.

Roommate, what do you think? Kevin Hart buys a goat for Chris Rock and names him Will Smith.

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