Kelis and Pharrell Williams’ beef explained amid Renaissance drama

Klis called out Beyoncé and Pharrell Williams to sample their song renaissance album, but how did the beef start?

After years of waiting, Beyoncé finally released her album renaissance. However, it was met with drama. From the new album leaking online to Kilis coming out and blasting the musician, a lot has happened.

If you’re not up to date with what’s happening in the industry, we’ve got all the details for you.

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Which Klis song was sampled from? renaissance?

The drama began when Klis realized his 2000 hit deal with you Sampled for Beyoncé EnergyThis is a new song on the album.

Klis was quick to react when he realized he was unaware his song had been sampled. It didn’t take long for him to comment.

Answer the following messages Instagram post“I’m also overwhelmed because the level of disrespect and complete ignorance of all three involved is amazing,” the singer noted. I have heard like everyone else that nothing is as it seems, some people in this business have no soul or integrity and have scammed everyone.

He also slammed Pharrell, who was also credited for the song.

Biff explained with Pharrell Williams

The Beef began after Klis signed with The Neptune, a production house founded by Pharrell and Chad Hugo.

acc Guard, the singer signed with the production house at the age of 19 after meeting Pharrell through a mutual friend. Cleis was looking forward to his trip because he believed that the Neptunes would provide him with a space in which to display his creative talent.

In an interview with the outlet, Klis claimed that when he signed the contract, he stated that all profits would be split equally, i.e. 33/33/33. However, when it came time to take the money home, things seemed to be different.

Cleis claimed that he did nothing with the first two albums he released because they were produced by The Neptunes. However, the singer made money from the tours he did. The singer finally ended his contract with the production house, and thus the dispute between him and Pharrell began.

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What did this singer say about Pharrell Williams?

After slamming Beyoncé, Klis also quickly called out Pharrell and Chad. He said: “Pharrell knows better. It’s a hit with me. He does it all the time, it’s so small.”

So far, Beyoncé and Pharrell have not commented.

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