Kandi Burruss says she doesn’t want Sheree Whitfield to feel like she’s being used publicly in her relationship with Martell Holt

As you can all imagine, social media still influences his thoughts on “.The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Star Sherry Whitfield Confirms that she is now in a relationship.Love and Marriage: Huntsville“, star of Motel Holt. As people continue to offer their opinions, RHOA co-star Kandi Burruss was asked to share her thoughts on the unexpected romance.

During her appearance on V-103 Atlanta, Kandi was asked by friend and guest host Shamea Morton what she thought of Sheree’s new relationship.

Kennedy hesitated to speak at first, but then said,

I don’t want her to be in a position where she feels like she’s being taken advantage of by people. I don’t know him, don’t get me wrong, but earlier this year a family friend who is on another VR show put me on Blaze with him. [Kandi’s restaurant] And he said, “Oh, can you clear another table for us, because we’re going to have someone take our pictures and videos so they can post them.”

Kennedy went on to say that her friend and Martell dated, but there was no media coverage. After seeing Sherry and Martell, Candy explained that she was wondering if he was real.

like the till now It was reported earlier this week, TMZ Called Sherry, where she confirmed that she and Martell were dating. His approval came later Noir TV channel Seeing the two together, Sherry shared that they met through a mutual friend and she met some of their friends and family members.

in the final chapterThe Real Housewives of AtlantaViewers saw the end of Sherry’s relationship with Tyrone after he was released from prison, and viewers saw the destruction of Martell’s marriage due to his repeated infidelities.Love and Marriage: Huntsville

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

https://theshaderoom.com/kandi-burruss-says-she-doesnt-want-sheree-whitfield-to-feel-like-shes-being-used-for-publicity-in-her-relationship-with-martell- Holt/Candi Bruce says she doesn’t want Sheree Whitfield to feel like she’s being publicly used in her relationship with Martell Holt.

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