Is the BTS X Snickers collaboration available in the US?

Ever since images of the BTS X Snickers Mars collaboration surfaced online, fans have been going crazy, but are the candies available in the US and other countries?

BTS has been on hiatus while the members focus on their individual projects, but along the way the group has mysteriously collaborated with each other. One of them happens to be a collaboration that shocked everyone.

BTS and Big Hit Entertainment usually tend to make big announcements, but it looks like they decided to do things differently this time when news of a Snickers collaboration hit the media.

BTS X Snickers collaboration surprises fans

Over the years, BTS has collaborated with several brands and news of this has always reached the media. However, it seems that Mars has decided to do things differently.

On July 29, several people posted photos of the BTS X Snickers collaboration encounter that was launched. This collaboration features the names of BTS songs on the case and the color purple is chosen for it.

As you know, BTS is very fond of the color purple, and it’s no surprise that the brand has decided to include the same color in its packaging.

Is the chocolate available in the US?

Unfortunately, these chocolates are currently only available in eastern regions such as Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, etc. Butter.

They are not yet available for the western market. However, we won’t be surprised if they come to other countries since BTS has managed to become a global phenomenon.

Unfortunately, until official confirmation, fans will have to wait to check out posts shared by other people on Twitter.

Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

The BTS x Snickers collaboration came up years ago

While the chocolates surprised everyone, this collaboration shouldn’t. Snickers has talked about BTS for a long time, and this may be the company’s way of saying they work together.

In 2021, even Snickers He tweeted: “BTS = Buy Snickers.” At the same time, the group released its own song fake love, J-Hope was seen lying down laughing.

It’s certainly proven to be a great way to promote a brand, but looking back now, there might be more to it than we thought.

In other news, what song did Beyoncé sample for Energy when Klis called her? -bts-x-snickers-collab-available-in-the-us Is the BTS X Snickers collab available in the US?

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