How to rotate items in bear and breakfast

In Bear and Breakfast, you play as Hank, an ordinary bear who is told to go into the woods to fetch something. However, while in the forest, he hears a voice. When Hank goes to check it out, he sees a vehicle and a shark charm that gives him the opportunity to open a bed and breakfast (B&B). Hank decides to accept the challenge and accepts the opportunity.

This is where the title becomes a fun management game where you have to turn a dilapidated cottage into a five-star B&B. You need to add bedrooms and decorations which in turn will attract guests to your business. The more guests you have in your business, the more money you’ll have, which means you can pay for extra plans and repairs.

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When you first start the game and pick up furniture, there is no on-screen message telling you how to rotate the items. So, how do you rotate your furniture? Fortunately, rotating items in Bear and Breakfast is very simple.

Rotating items at Bear and Breakfast

Screenshot by Gamepur

To craft an item, you must first go to your crafting bench. Then, once you’re in your inventory, select the item you want to put in your B&B. Once selected, press R to rotate. Once you have the piece of furniture facing the way you want it, press the left mouse button to place it.

Outside of running your own B&B, there are many missions that Hank can take on. By completing these missions, you’ll unlock various content and tools that will help make the game easier for you in the long run, such as repairing bus stops so you can unlock fast travel.

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