How to Fix Unable To Authenticate Error in Pokemon GO

Many Pokemon GO players need to fix authentication not possible error because they can’t play the game because of it. Most of the times you get this error when you have connection problems. There may be several reasons for it like server problems, bad internet or other things. But don’t worry, this error can be easily solved. So in this guide, let’s check how to fix authentication failure in Pokemon GO.

How to fix Unable to Authenticate error in Pokemon GO

How to fix non-authentication in Pokemon Go

  • Restart the game: Start by doing the fastest solution on this list. Simply close the app and remove it from your recent apps. You should do this regardless of whether you are using Android or iOS. And make sure you close the app and don’t minimize it. After restarting the game, check if you still get the error.
  • Checking server status: Whenever you encounter an authentication failure error, the first thing you should do is check the Pokemon GO server status. One way to do this is to visit tracker. Here you can see outages reported for Pokemon GO by players in the last 24 hours.
  • Check your connection: If the servers are working fine, this is the next step. Open a browser on your phone and run a speed test. It will let you know if your connection is stable and how fast your internet is.
  • Refresh your internet: Since this is a mobile game, you will most likely use your mobile data for it. To update it, simply enable Airplane mode on your Android or iOS device. Also commonly known as airplane mode. Wait a few seconds after enabling then disable it and try to use your mobile data. Pokemon GO should no longer give you an Unable to Verify Identity error.
  • Restart your phone: Restarting your Android or iOS device is another way to update your connection. But the best part is that it can also help you get rid of errors in the game. After the phone turns on, try playing Pokemon GO to see if you still get the error.
  • Pokemon GO Update: Keeping your game updated to the latest version is important for playing Pokemon GO. If an update is available and you’re using an older version, the game won’t let you play. But you can still go to your device’s app store and search for Pokemon GO. If a new version is available, update your game and the problem should be fixed.

This guide covers how to fix unable to verify identity error in Pokemon GO. Since you like playing this game, be sure to check out our other game Pokemon Go Guides to get help with fixing more errors.

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