How many episodes does season 1 of the new k-drama have?

As the highly anticipated movie Big Mouth airs later today, how many episodes will season 1 of the new Korean drama consist of?

This week, the wonderful world of K-Dramas is dominated by a special talk show and the upcoming series Big Mouth.

The legal crime noir series is one of the most anticipated K-dramas of summer 2022, but it has an all-star cast and a gritty style that’s sure to get the blood flowing.

This series is going to be shown today, July 29the seventhFans around the world are excited to see how many episodes Big Mouth Season 1 will have and why Lee Jong Suk is finally coming back with this special project.

The number of episodes and the timing of the first season of Big Mouth have been revealed

As by Han cinemaKorean Drama and Movie Database Big Mouth Season 1 will have a total of 16 episodes.

The episodes first air at 9:50 PM KST on South Korean TV channel MBC. The series will then make its way to the Disney Plus streaming platform, but is unfortunately limited to select Asian territories – click here for more info.

This is not only in line with the traditional series length for modern K-Dramas, but has also been approved by the media, among others. MyDramaList, Asian wiki, IMDB And List of Korean shows.

Subject to last minute changes Planned Big Mouth broadcasts, episodes air on the following dates:

  • Friday July 29the seventh – Part 1
  • Saturday, July 30the seventh – part 2
  • Friday, August 5the seventh – Part 3
  • Saturday, August 6the seventh – Part 4
  • Friday 12.8the seventh – Part 5
  • Saturday 13.8the seventh – Part 6
  • Friday 19/08the seventh – Part 7
  • Saturday, August 20the seventh – Part 8
  • Friday 26/08the seventh – Part 9
  • Saturday 27/08the seventh – Part 10
  • Friday, September 2n.d – Part 11
  • Saturday, September 3Almost – Part 12
  • Friday, September 9the seventh – Part 13
  • Saturday, September 10the seventh – Part 14
  • Friday 16/09the seventh – Part 15
  • Saturday 17/09the seventh – Part 16

Unfortunately, it has yet to be publicly confirmed if Big Mouth has been picked up on the Disney Plus streaming platform outside of Asian territories at this time.

Lee Jong Suk is finally back on the small screen

It’s been three long years since Lee Jong Suk was last seen in a TV series (Romance Is a Bonus Book), and fans around the world will surely celebrate his return in Big Mouth.

In an interview by Naver NewsReturning to the small screen, Jung Suk explained exactly why Big Mouth was a show to celebrate.

I have a lot of trust and friendship with director Oh Choong-hwan, and he said we should enjoy working together like before, so after thinking about it, we decided. The irony of an ordinary lawyer suspected of being a fraud genius was very interesting.” – Lee Jong Suk, above Naver News.

Lee Jong Suk then added, “I wanted to make a difference in details like eyes and voice. Lawyer Park Chang-ho and con artist genius Park Chang-ho are the same person, but they have different goals and feelings. I was concerned about playing the emotions that fit each situation.”

“In “The Big Mouse”, different characters are intricately intertwined. I want you to pay attention to what these characters really are and what naked faces they hide behind angry events. It makes people wait for the premiere.” – Lee Jong Suk, above Naver News.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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