How Fusion Arts work in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Your characters will master multiple classes while playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3. As they do, they’ll also master arts, which they can then use while playing another class, allowing them to perform unique attacks. When you’re planning and thinking about what arts to use with a particular class, you can cast Fusion Arts, combining two different arts abilities. This guide covers how Fusion Arts work in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How Fusion Arts work and what they do in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

You choose what your character is an art master on the character page. After switching classes, go to the Arts tab and the left side of the Arts Selection page. There are three slots where you can choose which art master your character will use. Each slot works with the Arts for that class on the right side of the screen.

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For example, on Noah’s arts page, his Ground Slam ability from the Swordfighter class will work alongside the Butterfly Blade for the Zephyr class we’re using him for. You can change these, such as swapping Ground Beat with another Master Art or swapping Butterfly Blade with another Zephyr Art.

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After you’ve made your choice on this page, you’ll want to test it in battle. The primary arts your character will use will be arts from their current class. In the previous example, Noah is a Zephyr class, meaning he uses Zephyr abilities in battle when using his arts. However, you can click on the direction page to use the Master Arts Noah has access to, which in this example is Ground Beat.

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However, if both Ground Beat and Butterfly Blade are charged, you can click the ZR button and then click Butterfly Blade Art, which will activate both. It uses the charge of both arts, but allows you to use them simultaneously during combat.

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